Elon Musk is conducting a crazy experiment “unifying AI with the human brain”

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2021-07-09 13:55:58

(CHK) Combining AI technology with the human brain is not currently possible, but using AI to support the brain is possible. Elon Musk demonstrated the potential of AI through a series of experiments.

With the help of a pig named Gertrude, the real-time connection between the brain and the pig’s snout was visualized through Neuralink’s brain chip demo. To draw more attention to the project, Elon Musk plans to announce a two-month plan to implant a chip for Gertrude, informing the world that the chip is working and is continuing to be developed. program and design.

Monkeys play games with Neuralink brain chips

In a recent experiment, Elon Musk implanted the latest Neuralink chip sample on a monkey, showing the brain’s response when it played the game Ping Pong. The live stream of the monkey’s performance has garnered thousands of views. Along with Neuralink fans, the experts were in awe of the monkey brain’s response to the gameplay.

Neuralink’s monkey experiment is one of the achievements of a fully implantable brain-machine interface, also known as BMI. With the Neuralink chip implanted, the monkey can predict the next bounce of the ball and control the racket just by looking at the screen.


Elon Musk’s presentations on BMI chips have attracted much interest and concern from both the scientific community and the general public, but CEO Neuralink answered most of the questions regarding the future of AI and its potential. brain chip development.

According to IEEE Spectrum, there is still a lot to be answered regarding the fusion of the Neuralink chip between AI and the human brain. Earlier this year, Elon Musk said that humans will stop communicating in the traditional way and that the Neuralink chip could end verbal communication in about 10 years. However, the billionaire did not mention combining AI with living bodies to create super soldiers.

The goal of the Neuralink brain chip project is far from the AI ​​fantasies. The main interest of brain chip implants is to help people with various neurological disorders. The BMI chip is being developed to provide support and potential treatments for patients with Alzheimer’s, severe spinal cord complications, and dementia. Once the development of the Neuralink chip is complete and approved by medical professionals, it will become the few neural solutions in our history.


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