Elon Musk reveals plans to launch phones to compete with Apple, Android

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2022-11-30 20:59:43

Tesla CEO and Twitter boss Elon Musk said he would create a replacement phone if Apple and Google intend to take down Twitter.

The future will most likely see Elon Musk launch his own phone

Elon Musk has revealed the possibility of launching his own smartphone and will become a competitor to iPhone and Android. This happens if Apple and Google delist Musk’s Twitter social networking platform from the app store

Twitter user Liz Wheeler suggested that Musk should make his own smartphone if Apple and Google get rid of Twitter, adding that “Half of humanity will happily give up iPhones & Androids for electricity new phone”.

Musk responded that:

“I’m sure and hope that (the removal of Twitter) will be hard to come by, but yeah, if there’s no other choice, I’d make a phone instead.”

Musk’s plans for Twitter as a free speech platform could put the social media company in conflict with Apple and Google. If it turns out to be negative, the two tech giants could erase Twitter entirely.

The Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and even the Amazon Appstore all have rules in place to protect users from discrimination, bullying, harassment, and any content they deem objectionable. They removed a lot of apps after censoring and deeming the content inappropriate and harmful. Apple said last year that it had removed more than 30,000 apps from the store.

Apple and Google cut Parler, a social media app focused on freedom of expression, after the riots in the US Capital on January 6, 2022. The two companies later returned the app to their stores with some content excluded following significant changes to strict content moderation.

Some predict that if Elon Musk’s smartphone appears, it will definitely have Twitter and be connected to Starlink. Not only that, it is possible to integrate the ability to convert and pay for cryptocurrencies.

In addition, the Tesla CEO is also currently upset about Apple and Google taking 15% to 30% cuts from in-app purchases, which could eat into revenue from Musk’s plans with $8 per month from Twitter verified subscription. In the recent move, Musk has revealed his plans to build X, the application of things. He said buying Twitter would speed the creation of X by three to five years.

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