Elon Musk wants to meet a copy from China to see if it’s “real” or deepfake

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2022-05-16 02:42:27

About half a year ago, when Elon Musk was honored by TIME magazine as “Person of the Year 2021”, netizens suddenly turned their attention to a Chinese guy who looks exactly like Tesla’s boss. . If Musk is the hottest character on Twitter today, his copy is no less competitive, having quickly become a million-view TikToker by imitating the richest billionaire in the world.

Elon Musk (left) and a Chinese clone.

This guy is so famous that recently, Elon Musk himself had to voice his desire to meet face-to-face to see how true it was. He also did not forget to express his doubts about deepfake technology, and did not rule out the possibility that this is just a character that has been processed to bring his face “similar” to him to interact on social networks.

I would love to meet this guy (if he really exists),” Elon Musk shared on Twitter, “I don’t know where to go with today’s deepfakes“.

Elon Musk wants to meet his clone, and the number of likes shows that many netizens are supporting this.

Elon Musk has absolutely every reason to suspect that the videos that his copy posted on TikTok are just “fake”. After being discovered by netizens at the end of 2021 thanks to his surprisingly similar appearance to the CEO of Tesla, this guy’s TikTok channel has rapidly grown at a dizzying speed, now owning 3.4 million likes. and nearly 230,000 followers.

Self-proclaimed “Yi Long Ma” (a parody of Elon Musk), this guy constantly shoots “trending” videos with his idol, not hesitate to hide his intention to take advantage of his human-like appearance. their own reputation for content creation. In a recent video, “Yi Long Ma” recorded himself holding Twitter’s logo, expressing his love for this social network and will soon use it in the future “to support his brother”. brother Elon Musk”.

Yi Long Ma supports the acquisition of Twitter by “brother” Elon Musk.

It is such videos that make many people, perhaps including Elon Musk, suspect this guy. Things don’t just stop at a coincidence like half a year ago, and this could be a top-notch deepfake exploit to fool people. Hopefully Elon Musk will have the opportunity to face-to-face with his Chinese clone to answer this question for the online community.


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