Enter the gameplay world of Mech Master: Battle, Moonland, Dark Matter and more

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2021-10-18 19:15:06

Mech Master is a first 3D Blockchain Mecha game with strategic RPG elements where you can earn tokens through slick gameplay and smart trading. Mech Master offers a variety of game modes such as fighting, developing the Moonbase, and collecting Dark Matter.


Players will assemble a team of at least 3 armed Mechas to fight against opponents and earn MECH Tokens. Battles are turn-based, meaning each Mecha will spin around the map and attack opposing Mechas. The map is built from many hexagonal tiles, with unique terrain elements mounted on each tile.

A huge library of machines, pilots and equipment, along with many other elements such as command and weather, make each battle a unique experience and spark your tactical genius. Friend.

Build your own Moon Base and mine Dark Matter

Can you create a successful base and become the greatest captain beyond your wildest dreams? Find out how well you can handle your army on the next frontier with Mech Master: Base on the Moon!

Players can buy plots of land and build their base on the moon. They can build strongholds, factories, barracks, facilities and expand the economy, mechanize the army.

After owning a land, players can build their own base, build facilities, create new Mechas, weapons, pilots, and mine Dark Matter. Each Moonland storyline will have a unique mining output, which determines how many Dark Matter players can mine each day.

Dark matter is a concentrated and powerful form of pure energy. It is widely used in almost every activity on Moon Land, from building facilities, powering Mechas, manufacturing equipment and discovering new Mecha skills, etc.

Mechanical production

Mech Token and other resources like minerals, gold will be rewarded after each battle. Players can use those resources to produce new Mechas, new equipment, and then trade with other players on the Mech Master market.

The gameplay that Mech Master is building is ideal for the genre. With a variety of characters, an engaging shooting style, and a growing community, this is a game worth your time if you love mechs!

What’s more, if you purchased Mech Master NFT boxes during the previous sale, you can unbox and share your Mech boxes with players around the world this November. What a delight for mech fanatics!

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