Epson partners with National Geographic on ‘Turn Down the Heat’ campaign

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2021-05-25 11:33:39

Epson partnered with National Geographic to advocate for the protection of the world’s permafrost (the frozen ground beneath the Earth’s polar regions) in a newly launched campaign called: “Turn Down the Heat. heat emissions”.

The campaign comes as scientists predict that the world’s permafrost will melt completely by 2100, causing major ecological changes, global sea level rise and the emitting more than 950 billion tons of methane into the atmosphere. In this partnership, Epson and National Geographic aim to raise awareness among consumers and businesses on how to reduce their impact on global warming, from homes to offices and other environments. other business.

The “Turn Down the Heat” campaign was initiated by National Geographic Explorer Dr. Katey Walter Anthony. She oversees polar observations in Alaska and Russia to monitor the long-term effects of climate change. Her pioneering research on permafrost protection is featured in video series, infographics and online platforms in partnership with Epson and National Geographic. You can learn more at:

Dr. Anthony shared: “The Arctic is really melting before our eyes. According to our estimates, melting of the permafrost could account for up to 10% of global warming this century, and these problems are not unique to the Arctic but also impact to the entire Earth. Every choice we make, both at work and in life, has an important impact, contributing to positive changes to the environment, as businesses and users make smart decisions in choose the technology to use.”

Saving energy is essential in response to global warming, yet there are still many technologies being used every day both in business and household environments that consume huge amounts of energy. giant. Epson’s groundbreaking printers with Heat-Free technology solve this problem and reduce the impact on the environment by consuming less power and using fewer spare parts.

Epson Global President – Mr. Yasunori Ogawa said: “At Epson, sustainability is a top priority, and we are committed to not only minimizing our environmental impact in our business operations, but also helping our customers do so. We hope to be able to accompany our customers and business partners to make a difference in solving global environmental problems with Epson’s own technology.”

Earlier this year, Epson Southeast Asia launched its sustainability campaign, Be Cool, to remind customers that productivity and sustainability can go hand in hand. Through this campaign, Epson Southeast Asia urges pioneering businesses to discover how Epson’s printing technology makes sustainable choices simpler.

In order to raise awareness among consumers, businesses and partners on sustainability issues, Epson Southeast Asia will launch strategic activities throughout the year in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand markets. and Vietnam with the goal of bringing the “Be Cool” and “Turn Down the Heat” campaigns closer to these groups; as well as supporting the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs): Goal 12 (Responsibility in Production and Consumption) and Goal 13 (Action against climate change) ).

“We want to create environmental value across Southeast Asia, thereby achieving a global vision as well as the Sustainable Development Goals defined by the region,” said Epson Regional Managing Director Southeast Asia, said Siew Jin Kiat. “Building on this milestone, we will work more actively with businesses across the region to take a co-creative journey towards sustainability by choosing Epson technologies.”


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