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2022-02-20 00:38:19

The partnership between WWF-Vietnam and Epson will begin with a call to action from the public and businesses in responding to climate change through WWF’s Earth Hour campaign, and provide provides guidelines for businesses to transition to sustainable energy to increase resilience to climate change.

Effects of climate change in Vietnam and the role of the energy industry

Climate change is a serious threat to the natural environment and the daily life of the people of the region. At the Conference to announce the Global Climate Index (GCRI) in 2021, according to the assessment of the organization Germanwatch, Vietnam ranks 13th on the scale of vulnerability to climate risks. At the same time, Vietnam is also the country with the fastest growing greenhouse gas emissions in the Greater Mekong Sub-region, with the energy sector accounting for 60% of Vietnam’s total greenhouse gas emissions. Despite commitments to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, current commitments to the energy sector are still relatively low.

In The 26th United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP26) taking place in November 2021 in Scotland, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh strongly stated that “Responding to climate change and restoring nature must become the highest priority in all development decisions” and commits “Vietnam is a country with advantages in renewable energy, will build and implement strong greenhouse gas emission reduction measures with its own resources, with the cooperation and support of the international community… to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.” While the deployment of renewable energy is still limited compared to its potential, with this Government commitment, action to respond to climate change and the transition to sustainable energy has become important. should be urgent.

Pioneering enterprise using green energy towards a green future

Also at COP26, the Prime Minister made strong commitments to respond to climate change, with particular focus on transforming a low-carbon economy with a roadmap to drastically reduce emissions. dependent on coal power, rapidly increasing the proportion of renewable energy. In addition, the business sector plays an important role in contributing to effective resource management, transforming production and operating models in a sustainable way, as well as fulfilling corporate responsibility to the environment. and social. Specifically, responsible business models, sustainable use of resources will contribute to mitigating climate change in the long term and achieving common economic and social development goals.

Minimizing the impact on the environment is one of the goals of technology corporations in promoting sustainable business trends. As a world leader in the printing and presentation industries, Epson not only leads the way in transforming its internal operations, but also constantly invents and improves technologies around the printing industry. reduce heat emission and limit substitute materials, thereby contributing to solving urgent environmental problems.

“Every step we take is one step closer to a green, clean, carbon-free future.”Epson has made a commitment to its mission of realizing the Epson Innovation Corporate Vision 25. Epson’s sustainability initiatives revolve around eliminate carbon emissions through increased use of renewable energy, reduce environmental impact through the development of environmentally friendly energy-saving products, use resources efficiently, use use more recycled materials and develop environmental technology.

With a business philosophy towards Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations, specifically goal number 12 to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns and goal number 13 is to take urgent measures to combat climate change and its impacts, said Mr. Tsumara Tsukasa, General Director of Epson Vietnam: “In the framework of the cooperation program, Epson Vietnam and WWF-Vietnam call on the public and especially businesses in different fields to work together towards a low carbon economy through the implementation of a series of activities to raise awareness of climate risks and implement sustainable energy solutions, responding to climate change. Among them are the media and social media activities on the basis of WWF-Vietnam’s Earth Hour event taking place in March 2022; Handbook on climate risks, carbon reduction solutions, and sustainable energy use for business; and Webinar on Climate Change and Sustainable Energy.”

Mr. Tsukasa Tsumura, General Manager of Epson Vietnam & Dr. Lan Mercardo, Regional Director, WWF Asia Pacific Dialogue: Sustainable Business Action & Commitment for the Climate. Photo source: Epson Vietnam

Dr. Van Ngoc Thinh, Chief Representative of WWF-Vietnam shared “In the whole-of-society approach that WWF is advocating for, business plays an irreplaceable role in addressing the challenges facing humanity. The partnership between WWF-Vietnam and Epson Vietnam is a clear example of the active participation of the private sector in the shared responsibility for global sustainable development. With Epson Vietnam’s companion in Earth Hour 2022 and other activities, we expect this partnership to significantly increase public awareness of climate actions and promote climate change initiatives. businesses use energy economically and efficiently, contributing to the common effort on responding to climate change and sustainable development.”

Mr. Tsukasa Tsumura, General Director of Epson Vietnam & Dr. Lan Mercardo, Regional Director, WWF Asia Pacific at the Signing Ceremony of WWF-Vietnam & Epson Vietnam. Image source: WWF-Vietnam

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