Ethereum Optimism scaling solution delay the mainnet launch at least until July

Ethereum Optimism scaling solution delay the mainnet launch at least until July


2021-03-27 13:48:44

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Ethereum Layer 2 Optimism scaling solution has delayed its mainnet public launch.

Optimism’s mainnet is scheduled to launch this week, but for now it has been postponed at least until July. The new schedule is only a rough estimate, Team Optimism said, because of the release. Eye is a “collaborative effort” of the Ethereum community.

“Launching a mainnet to the public is not something we can do alone,” Team Optimism said. “It will be a collaborative effort between us, the projects and the core infrastructure vendors such as oracles, wallets, nodes and explorers.”

So when the ecosystem is ready and stable, Optimism will launch its mainnet to the public.

Optimism has been building an Ethereum scaling solution based on Optimistic Rollup since June 2019. This solution is aimed at increasing Ethereum throughput (the number of transactions processed per second) and reducing gas fees.

Earlier this year, Optimism “launched” its solution – Optimistic Virtual Machine (OVM) – with decentralized exchange Synthetix. That means Synthetix will integrate the solution in four phases to limit the risk to the platform.

Optimism said Synthetix users, enjoying transaction speed and cost savings, had about $ 10 million in fees saved with more than 100,000 transactions.

Another major decentralized platform set to integrate with Optimism is Uniswap. Earlier this week, Uniswap said it was targeting the launch of the Ethereum L1 mainnet of version 3 (V3) on May 5 and that the L2 implementation on Optimism would take place “shortly after.”

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