Etherscan, CoinGecko suffer from phishing attack. Warning users need to be careful

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2022-05-19 14:58:24

In the past few days, crypto market data statistics platforms such as Etherscan and CoinGecko have simultaneously issued warnings on Twitter that they are being attacked by phishing attacks. Accordingly, users should not connect wallets or click on any strange links displayed on the website.

Etherscan, CoinGecko suffer from phishing attack

Phishing attack is a method of phishing through the network. Hackers use the trick of impersonating major cryptocurrency projects, asking gullible users to provide private information such as email, wallet address and private key in return for a certain reward. And after the user shares the information, the hacker will quickly use it to withdraw money from the user’s wallet.

The companies started investigating the attack after receiving reports from users of strange links appearing for MetaMask e-wallet integration when they visited official websites.

CoinGecko immediately issued a warning saying:

CoinGecko Issues Warning on Twitter

If you are using CoinGecko website and asked to connect MetaMask wallet to this website [], then it is a SCAM. Do not connect, we are investigating the cause of the problem.

Etherscan also posted a similar message to users:

Etherscan issues a warning on Twitter
Etherscan issues a warning on Twitter

We have been reported that the website is under a phishing attack through a 3rd party. Please be careful and do not enter into any transactions that are solicited on the website. We have temporarily interrupted the connection to the other 3rd party.

A member of Crypto Twitter, @Noedel19, analyzed the possible cause of the attack. This account indicates that the ongoing phishing attacks are related to Coinzilla – a cryptocurrency advertising platform.

Any site that uses Coinzilla Ads is compromised.

Another popular market statistics website, Dextool, recently announced that it was compromised by a Coinzilla vulnerability. This website is currently disabling all ads until Coinzilla clears the situation.

Dextool said:

Dextool issues a warning on Twitter ​
Dextool issues a warning on Twitter ​

We are disabling all ads until Coinzilla clears the situation. Be careful and don’t authorize suspicious requests regarding your wallet. DEXTools won’t ask you to authorize anything.

CoinGecko later also confirmed that this scam was caused by Coinzilla.

Cryptocurrency scam

There are more and more forms of attack and invasion of personal and project assets, not just phishing. The number of people participating in the cryptocurrency market is increasing, while not knowing how to secure personal information and prevent the risk of being scammed.

This past April 25, Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT was stolen by hackers in a phishing attack on Instagram. Hackers compromised BAYC’s official Instagram page and shared links to a fake airdrop with the project’s followers. Users who connected their MetaMask wallet to the scam site had all of their NFT Ape drained. It is estimated that at least $40 million of assets were stolen in this attack.

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Also on May 14, Godaddy, a website hosting web domains, was attacked by hackers. Projects that use Godaddy to run their web are affected, including Quickswap, SpiritSwap.

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