European Central Bank announces 5 partners for CBDC development

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2022-09-20 20:24:02

The European Central Bank (ECB) has announced five partners that will accompany the development of a national digital euro.

On the evening of September 16, the ECB – European Central Bank announced a list of new partners for the issuance of CBDCs. Specifically, from 54 potential units, 5 partners have been selected including:

  • Amazon giant: Take the role of e-commerce payment designer.
  • Bank of Spain – CaixaBank: Development of online peer-to-peer payments for mobile applications.
  • French multinational payment service – Worldline: Deploying offline version.
  • Point-of-sale payments belong to the European Payment Initiative (EPI) and the Italian paytech company – Nexi.

Since the end of April, the ECB has started conducting phone calls and received 54 cooperation invitations from multinational banks and technology companies. They will begin to deploy the task from here to the end of December, serving a two-year plan, expected to be completed in March 2023.

Although still showing skepticism about cryptocurrencies and openly opposing PoW, DeFi or even stablecoins, the European Central Bank is still very active in research on the digital euro – the currency that is supposed to be the most popular currency in the world. is more energy efficient than Bitcoin.

In the US, although the vice president of the Fed said that the establishment of a CBDC could take up to 5 years, the country’s officials showed a growing interest in CBDC when mentioning it in the latest guidance on CBDCs. crypto regulatory framework.

According to a report from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in March, about 100 countries are already exploring CBDCs at various levels. And the IMF also announced its support for the countries that have joined the CBDC movement. If we do not hurry, perhaps the US will fall into a state of “at-risk”.

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