Even the robot Sophia creates NFT artwork for sale

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2021-03-23 00:27:16

Celebrity humanoid robot Sophia will become the first artificial intelligence creature to create NFT-based art.

Crypto artwork exploded in 2021, with February setting new all-time highs for NFT trading volumes. March may even break previous records. NFT projects are coming from a lot of human-created perspectives, but this is a really outstanding project, because the origin is not entirely human, it’s the AI ​​robot Sophia.

On March 15, Hanson Robotics and Gallery IV announced that they would be launching a series of NFTs based on the artwork of Sophia, an AI-driven humanoid robot with social media followers. great assembly. The artwork will be released on March 23 through Gemini’s Nifty Gateway platform.

These special works are advertised as a collaboration between Sophia and artist Andrea Bonaceto. Sophia, with her blend of artificial intelligence and neural networks, actually researched Bonaceto’s work and then produced her own.

Robotics Dr. David Hanson, said he felt very proud in a release, of how Sophia adopted Andrea’s art to be able to create her own works like this:

“Sophia created artwork purely using neural networks and iconic artificial intelligence, responding to her perceptions of Andrea Bonaceto’s works, as well as data from her experiences. in her life, under the guidance of designers and programmers. ”

In the context of the list of NFTs sold at the highest prices, the NFT trend continues to explode. Even the big DC Comics “fidgety” before the NFT trend. The robot Sophia would be another very special candidate on that list.

Bonaceto suggests that the possibility of releasing scarce artwork directly verifiable to fans as the NFT provides a revolutionary opportunity, reducing barriers for digital artists, most. is from artificial intelligence like Sophia, which will spike and “uniqueness” to this market.

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