Everyone will run out of batteries eventually, quick review of new rechargeable battery rental service from only 10k

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2022-04-26 01:09:21

According to public information of Pinbus, there are now more than 500 charging stations covering Ho Chi Minh City. Rechargeable battery with new generation technology, so the borrowing and borrowing operations are actively performed by the user on the phone via the Pinbus application or Web-app (https://webapp.pinbus.vn/). The battery is light, the design is quite smart, the 3 charging cords are nestled close to the battery body, creating a compact and convenient feeling.

3 charging cords nestled close to the battery body, creating a compact and convenient feeling.

Built-in various types of chargers

User can use rechargeable batteries Pinbus replaces the traditional charging method on the market today. The best point of this service is users can be flexible rent and return batteries at different points as long as the charging station belongs to the Pinbus system. Provide a little more information about Pinbus batteries.

  • Use cPower Delivery technology charges quickly, safely and stably;
  • 5000mAh battery capacity;
  • Compact design, thin and light with weight on hand less than 150 grams;
  • Integrate different charging cords to serve all phone models;
  • Equipped with an LED that shows the remaining battery capacity percentage.

LED lights indicate battery capacity

For a moment, the battery was almost completely exhausted on the “unlucky life path” and didn’t know what to do? REMOVEeh maybe try the Pinbus rechargeable battery rental service. Steps to rent a battery:


You can “Scan QR code” at the charging stationthen follow the instructions to Register an account and rent a rechargeable battery.

Or you can go to the App Store or CH Play to download Pinbus app just like downloading regular apps.


Register an account according to the instructions, rent a battery and make a deposit payment via:

  • E-wallets: MoMo, ZaloPay, Grab by MOCA
  • Domestic ATM cards/ Debit cards/ international credit cards of Master, Visa, JCB brands issued in Vietnam. International cards issued abroad are not supported.

Step 3: CHARGE

After completing the deposit, pin pop out of the station.


When finished using, you just Check the map on the app or Web-app to see which charging station is closest to you (turn on the phone’s locator so the app can help you find the nearest charging station) and put the battery back in the charging slot.

*Some small notes:

  • If using an e-wallet, the deposit (after deducting the rental fee) will be refunded to your wallet. It is recommended that you pay by wallet because the operation is fast and the refund is also fast.
  • For users who deposit by bank card, the deposit (after deducting tax) will be refunded within 7 days – 21 working days from you return the battery to the station.

Image of a charging station of Pinbus

Regarding the price, with only 10,000 VND/hour, the urgent battery charging needs will be solved immediately. For new users, Pinbus is having a promotion “Free 0 VND for the first time to rent a battery”. Besides the reasonable battery rental price, Pinbus still has a disadvantage that when users rent a battery, they will have to deposit 300,000 VND for 1 battery rental. This makes it difficult for users when they are new to this technology service.

Generally, Pinbus service experience is fine from battery rental, charge and return the batterycthe process To rent a battery only takes a few minutes. Running out of battery in the middle of the road but don’t know what to do try renting Pinbus Well, that’s pretty convenient!

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