Exceeding expectations after 1 week of experience, Vivo T1 5G deserves to be the leading gaming phone in the segment

Exceeding expectations after 1 week of experience, Vivo T1 5G deserves to be the leading gaming phone in the segment


2022-05-23 02:56:51

Configuration and ability to “battle game” deserve to lead the segment

The mid-range segment is always a fierce battle between the big players in the smartphone market. Because this is the segment that every mobile manufacturer wants to dominate. But the leading position has only one and it will belong to the most worthy name. While the race between mobile brands has not cooled down, vivo suddenly launched a new gaming phone model called vivo T1 5G. This is a “beast” equipped with many improvements in both design and configuration to bring a comprehensive device in the segment.

In any market segment, performance is the top factor that is always demanded by users on a phone. Understanding this, vivo T1 5G focuses on performance upgrades to bring diverse experiences from work, entertainment, gaming or learning to the most comprehensive way.

If V-series is a smartphone line that focuses on trendy trends of the young generation, X-series is a flagship series that offers a high-end visual experience, vivo T1 5G is optimized for gamers by vivo when it comes to specifications. extremely impressive. Specifically, vivo T1 5G – a machine that costs just over 7 million VND but is equipped with the “segment-leading” chip Snapdragon 778G 5G with 8 cores, of which 4 cores are clocked at up to 2.4GHz, the remaining 4 cores are clocked at 1.8GHz. With vivo T1 5G in hand, gamers can confidently fight every game, win every game, and cry when they become the champion.

Real experience with PUBG Mobile and Lien Quan Mobile

“All theories are gray”, only practical experience can have the most objective and intuitive view. That’s why I fought with some of the hottest mobile games today.

The first is PUBG Mobile, this is the game that takes me the most “time” after every hour of work. There are even days off when I forget to eat because of the attractiveness of the contexts and graphics in the game. At first, I left it at high graphics level for about 30 minutes, then switched to medium. Degree The touch sensitivity on the Vivo T1 5G’s 90Hz refresh rate screen makes me quite satisfied. DRAWivo T1 5G feels smooth to each frame when in 60 FPS mode. During the game, I did not see the phenomenon of jerky, lag. Thanks to that, the ability to move quickly, accurately panning, running super smooth will make your chicken meals happen more often when playing PUBG Mobile.

In addition, thanks to heat dissipation technology Liquid Cool that vivoT1 5G did not experience overheating like some other devices I’ve played with. This is probably the plus point that I really like on vivo T1 5G. Because for a person who often “fights” the game for a long time, the phenomenon of overheating or rapid battery drain is what makes me very uncomfortable. But with vivo T1 5G, I can be completely confident and cry loudly in every battle.

Next is the game Lien Quan Mobile, I turn on all speed and image options to the highest level very easily with other effects such as fog effect, high FPS while playing the game without any difficulty.

A plus point for vivo T1 5G is that during gameplay the FPS keeps very well at 60. In jungle conditions with strip of land or multiplayer fighting, fps is still stable.

The performance of the device is combined with the Snapdragon 778G 5G processor, and the 90Hz high refresh rate helps players always keep track of everything happening on the screen with clear and accurate display details.

A special upgrade on vivo T1 5G is that the machine is supported with virtual RAM up to 4GB. This is considered a very reasonable advanced equipment for a machine in the popular segment. Utilizing up to 4GB of expandable virtual memory, vivo T1 5G delivers top-of-the-line processing speeds to make it easy for new users to get used to the amazing power of their mobile devices.

Screen Vivo T1 5G image offers a more comfortable experience when playing games

In addition to performance, the screen is also a factor that brings a better gaming experience on the phone. Vivo T1 5G is equipped with a 6.44-inch AMOLED screen for easier operation. The body is made of soft curves and weighs only 180.3g, so you can comfortably play for a long time without getting tired. Combined with Full HD + resolution and 90Hz refresh rate, it provides a super smooth experience and fully enjoys the graphics of the game.

Enjoy playing games all day with a large battery, super fast charging

The device has a high configuration, a large screen, but playing games for 3-4 hours is not really enough. But with vivo T1 5G you don’t have to worry about battery or charging because the device is equipped with a 4,700 mAh battery with fast charging technology up to 66W. Even if your device is almost out of battery, just plug it in for 15 minutes to continue fighting.

With the algorithms that vivo has optimized for this phone, you can comfortably use up to 2 days for basic needs. Or even if you fight PUBG Mobile game continuously, it can be optimized up to 6 hours and 10 minutes. That’s too good, isn’t it?

vivo T1 5G has an impressive camera

Not only is it good for gaming, vivo T1 5G also offers the ability to take pictures that make you irresistible. vivo T1 5G is equipped with a camera cluster with extremely impressive parameters in which a 64MP main camera, 8MP depth camera and 2MP Macro camera. The front is a 16MP selfie camera, enough for sisters to “take a selfie” when gathering friends.


With all the above strengths and equipment, vivo T1 5G fully deserves to be the leading national smartphone in the mid-range segment. Especially those who are passionate about skydiving or shooting should immediately own vivo T1 5G. A phone with a powerful configuration, playing PUBG Mobile smoothly at 60 FPS, 6.44-inch screen, smooth 90Hz refresh rate. Those are all factors to make the perfect “chicken meal” and you can always confidently crow, play and win.

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