Experience capital allocation trade coin 2020 by Hen Vai

Experience capital allocation trade coin 2020 by Hen Vai


2021-03-23 00:29:43

Before writing the capital allocation article, I would like to explain a little bit of the use case referral link. Many of you keep saying it is me trade wins Need to spend ref recruitment? whether there is mouth trade is not?

First of all, my principle is what out, the team BTA’s current membership is nearly 10 people, all have their own basic salary. BTA funds are also private funds and has nothing to do with it personal trade fund of myself.

So, all of the revenue from everything from the web is used to feed the BTA team. When you are a BTA ref, you just try to calculate, see the fee that the floor takes from you, and BTA is only about 20% of that fee, is there a lot? But BTA has a community, if there are a few hundred refs like that, it will help the BTA team operate stably.

Either way, when you register for an exchange, you also lose a lot of transaction fees for the exchange, instead, prioritize registration in favor of BTA, at least BTA will get the referral from you.

3 main trading coin investment methods

Back to main topic, In groups CLOSE FRIENDs (Group for trading members with tk over 10k), Ad mentioned about the small GAME, it is essentially a way of distributing capital when trading coin that ad finds very useful. If anyone notices, then see only.

What is your investment destination? For profit of course ?! And this season a lot of you use many different ways to increase profits. A few simple ways to play are:

  1. Holder
  2. Short-wave surfing increased coin, increasing the number of USDT.
  3. Investing in ICOs, IEOs, … of the HOT coins.

Most for many inexperienced people, they choose to trade coin shortwave to increase Coin, fast USD and preserve capital. But when practicing, there is one cruel outcome because the results are not as good as HOLDERs. Of course, if you are pro, then short surfing helps to increase your assets extremely quickly. But it is for the experienced pro!

For those with little time, or little experience? Then what to do?

Therefore, admin just wrote this article, this season, maximum support for you, this is the way of admin, please refer to it and give your own capital allocation.

Capital Distribution Method by Hen Vai

In the example ad cases, a specific example range of $ 10,000 will be given. If anyone with less capital or more can adjust the size.

Capital management by so much

When uptrend, it must be said that all coins increase, children less, children more. There are many birds flying at the same time, many coins fly first, a few fly after … a bunch of cases. Therefore, ad gives a general method.

Let’s say you have $ 10,000, you roam the groups, or simply channel Trade Coin BTA (free). There is Mr. Hen Vai or some toads who are administering or giving signals. Seeing it statistically also has a high win rate.

Then you can choose, choose the raffle from there, choose 5 or 10 children that you see potential (Signal says can x5 x10), told by your instincts (there can be multiple groups, each The group offers many different coins, you choose the one you like).

You allocate capital evenly to those 5 or 10 coins. If 5 coins, then 2000 $ each. It’s done!

In the coins you choose, sometimes at the same time they fly at the same time, drop at the same time, or some fly a few drops, go sideways …. a lot of cases happen. So a lot of people like to play surfing, whichever flies, they sell, and then swing another one. This way anyone who pro will play, otherwise they will leave.

The simplest way is, out of the 5 coins you invest, if any one reaches x2 x3, you just need to sell that stump, or sell 1/2. The rest should go to target x5 x10. The part you have withdrawn. Let’s put all of them on the other 4.

And continue to spin, if 1 of the other 4 flies, you continue to do y on …. Until 1 of them reaches the target x5 x10, you can consider selling all the coins of the one I have x5 x10 out of USDT. Do not pay attention to her anymore, Find another child to add to the coin list for all 5 coins.

Continue to do the “money flow” rotation.

For safe people

A lot of investors like the safety and nostalgia of old coin in 2017, including many top coin such as BTC, ETH, XRP, EOS, TRON, …, most of them have the option to wait for coin top to fly.

The peak of 2017 with many coin top is quite high, it is difficult to say that many people swing the top? So how to optimize profits when uptrend?

The basic way is as above, you just need to put $ 5k -7k $ on the coin top, and the remaining $ 3-5k plays according to the game above. When the account is higher than 10k $, the cashout out in VND is full of principal and interest.

===> This way is safe, but it is hard to win, and it will be safe if the market breaks through SML.

For people with little dose, little safety

Put all 10k $ on potential altcoin as above. Then cashout the original to VND.

Cashout 1/2 interest is distributed as above. The remaining half of the profit is allocated to other non-flying altcoins.

====> This way to help preserve the original capital, hold peace of mind to the goal.

For people with hot blood

The same way to give people a little risk, a little bit of safety. The only difference is that there is no original cashout to VND but use to allocate all seasons. All innnnnnn, eat all, fall home :))

====> This way of playing is to have the mindset to accept losing all existing capital if going in the wrong direction. But if on the right track, the account growth speed is extremely fast.

The ultimate Principle when Trade Coin

  1. Absolutely no borrowing, this is the most important factor!
  2. Compliance with discipline.
  3. Avoid fomo
  4. … Haven’t thought out =))

Well, I think that’s enough, I wish you a big win. And maybe everyone will make their own variations of each individual, as long as it’s okay and reaching the fastest goal is fun. Who has any good way to remember to share with Hen offline.

And do not forget to repeat the ref, if you are playing coin, then above all, register all the exchanges, the purpose is that when there is potential coin, you can have an account ready to operate. And check out the list below, if there are no exchanges, please register to support BTA team. Thank you very much, Ad!

Binance: https://CHK.com/go/binance
Huobi: https://CHK.com/go/huobi
MXC: https://CHK.com/go/mxc
Kucoin: https://CHK.com/go/kucoin
Bibox: https://CHK.com/go/bibox
Bitmax: https://CHK.com/go/bitmax
HOO: https://CHK.com/go/hoo
OKEX: https://CHK.com/go/okex
FTX: https://CHK.com/go/ftx
BIKI: https://CHK.com/go/biki
Remitano: https://CHK.com/go/remitano
Coinhako: https://CHK.com/go/coinhako
T-REX: https://CHK.com/go/trex
VCC: https://CHK.com/go/vccexchange

If you want to find games where or learn about GEMs (potential altcoins), see this article: https://CHK.com/gem-la-gi/

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