Experts explain the truth about the cancer-causing oil-free fryer

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2021-03-24 01:04:53

According to expert Tran Hong Con, Hanoi University of Science, the oil-free fryer reduces the risk of the formation of toxic acrylamide, a synthetic resin that can cause cancer in humans.

An oil-free fryer, also known as an air fryer, cooks food by bringing the temperature up to 200 degrees Celsius, then using a fan to radiate evenly on the surface of the food, helping the food to cook. and has a crispy appearance just like the traditional greasy frying.

An oil-free fryer only uses a little oil on the outside of the food and triggers a chemical reaction – the Maillard effect – to improve the color and taste of the food.

VNExpress quoted Associate Professor, Dr. Tran Hong Con, Department of Chemistry, Hanoi University of Natural Sciences, as saying that acrylamide is not in unprocessed food, or very low in heat processed foods. lower degrees such as steamed, boiled. However, during food processing at high temperatures (more than 120 degrees C) such as frying, baking, and roasting, acrylamide will be formed.

Studies have shown that acrylamide is especially found in carbohydrate-rich foods like French fries and whole grains. Therefore, an oil-free fryer will reduce the risk of cancer in humans.

“However, we cannot know the production material, so the oil-free fryer is. This will cause a lot of doubts for the user” – Deputy professor replied VNExpress.

Currently, the research on oil-free fryer analysis is not available and the harm of the oil-free fryer is still very little, it is not possible to conclude whether it can turn food into carcinogens.

“Maybe the same type of non-stick plastic, but the one used in food processing is expensive because they have all the toxins eliminated, there is also polyacrylamide, used in industry, in construction,” said Associate Professor. No toxins need to be removed. So the question is, does the product meet the food standards? “.

It has been suggested that oil-free fryers reduce acrylamide production, but other toxins can still form in oil-free fryers, such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons – which are almost like activated carbon – have the potential to cause cancer. However, if using the genuine oil-free fryer or purchased in a reputable place and used according to the instructions, a harmful substance will not be produced.

The experts recommend that the oil-free fryer can cook food safer but still the form of frying, still causing health problems and you should limit fried foods regardless of the form of frying. Come on.


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