Explain the origin of the reversed world, where the time line is stuck at the time of 1983

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2022-06-06 04:09:20

Upside Down can be considered the heart of Stranger Things, one of the most popular series on Netflix and just had a spectacular return at the end of May. To put it simply, Upside Down is a parallel dimension similar to Earth, but there are only hideous monsters living under the rule of Mind Flayer – who always find a way to open the portal to connect. 2 worlds and take over the reality of humanity.

It was not until the latest season that the origin of the Upside Down was explained more clearly, including why it has so many details similar to the town of Hawkins. And of course, it’s all about Eleven, the series’ central character, and the story from when she was a subject of Dr. Martin Brenner’s experiment.

Origin of the Upside Down World

After the success of the first seasons, Stranger Things has grown and expanded into a multimedia franchise, with a series of comic books and spin-offs. In it, the latest story miniseries, Stranger Things: Kamchatka, serves as an additional information needed for season 4. It introduced readers to the multiverse version of Stranger Things, and also revealed that Dr. Brenner isn’t the only scientist trying to unlock superpowers like telepathy or telepathy. Accompanying him is Dr. Boris Orlov, and their mission is to find a way to open the portals that lead to “endless worlds”.

Stranger Things: Kamchatka is the perfect stepping stone to Eleven’s flashbacks in season 4, as she opens a dimensional portal and propels Henry Creel (One) through the multiverse, before he does. stop in reality and turn into the villain Vecna ​​(you can learn more in this article). The Upside Down belongs to this reality, and the opening of the portal linking space has brought it and Earth closer together, with the thin line separating it in the small town of Hawkins.

Why is the Upside Down world stuck at the 1983 timeline?

Stranger Things 4: Explaining the origin of the reversed world, where the timeline is stuck at the time of 1983 - Photo 2.

Although Upside Down has always been considered an incomplete version of Hawkins in particular and Earth in general, it was not until the latest season that the audience learned that the timeline at this place was stopped on the 6th. November 1983. More specifically, Upside Down is trapped at the time Eleven opens the first gate, or when Will Byers mysteriously disappears.

Although this detail is not explained too clearly in season 4, we can understand that before November 6, 1983, time at Upside Down still operated as normal in the real world. However, the arrival of Will Byers, a creature from another dimension, broke the time rules of this place, leaving it trapped in an endless loop of November 6, 1983.

That raises another question: Why didn’t the same phenomenon happen when Henry Creel, an Earthling, was pushed to the Upside Down? Perhaps his superpowers, like Eleven’s, have a strange resonant connection, even originating here. In addition, unlike Will, Henry was easily “swallowed” by the Upside Down, turning him into a monster to suit the living environment here. That’s why the Upside Down timeline continues to flow unaffected by Henry’s arrival.

Why do earthquakes happen in the Upside Down?

Stranger Things 4: Explaining the origin of the reversed world, where the time line is stuck at the time of 1983 - Photo 3.

In season 4, Steve, Nancy, Robin and Eddie were accidentally trapped in the Upside Down, before being rescued by Dustin and Lucas. However, we can easily see that this place has changed a lot compared to the first season: The atmosphere has become a bit cleaner, making it easier for people to survive. In addition, the Upside Down also suffered earthquakes, strange earthquakes that were not caused by impacts from other dimensions. That detail shows that this place still hides a lot of secrets, with many mysterious events happening that no one has yet discovered.

The most convincing explanation at the moment is that the Upside Down is in an unstable period. Opening the portals inadvertently “moved” the worlds closer together. And this process continues in silence, as the gap between the Upside Down and Hawkins is narrowing.

This is no longer an accident, but a deliberate act of the monsters of the Upside Down. Vecna, the mighty villain considered the “5-star war god” of the Mind Flayer, was able to use her telepathic powers to traverse dimensions and search for suitable prey, mainly humans. psychologically haunted or always carry a feeling of guilt and shame.

The most important thing is that at each crime scene, Vecna ​​will leave a trace of a portal connecting space. Continuously opening such portals will speed up the invasion and make it easier for the Upside Down to invade Hawkins. The earthquakes here are probably a harbinger of the moment when the two dimensions of space intersect are getting closer and closer.

The current ruler of the Upside Down

Stranger Things 4: Explaining the origin of the reversed world, where the timeline is stuck at the time of 1983 - Photo 4.

In previous seasons, Mind Flayer can be considered as the “last boss” of the Upside Down, and other monsters are its minions to serve the plan to acquire Hawkins. Meanwhile, the main characters have identified Vecna ​​as one of the most effective assistants of Mind Flayer.

However, it cannot be ruled out that the Upside Down is now in the palm of Vecna’s hand, when the Mind Flayer did not appear during the first 7 episodes of the 4th season. Taking advantage of psychic powers, Vecna ​​is building an army of her own, similar to the way Mind Flayer has done before. If this is true, it can be said that Hawkins is facing an ever darker prospect. Mind Flayer is a creature acting on wild instincts, but Vecna ​​is more calculating, much more cunning. In addition, he also has a personal grudge against Eleven, as well as a deep hatred for humanity. All predict an extremely cruel revenge on a large scale in the future.

The last 2 episodes of season 4 Stranger Things will return on July 1 to bring the audience the most reasonable and detailed explanations about Vecna ​​as well as the Upside Down world. In particular, the 9th episode alone will have a duration of more than 2 hours, promising the most difficult and intense battle.

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