Explore the meaning of numbers in feng shui

Explore the meaning of numbers in feng shui


2021-04-01 12:10:03

The numbers are not only used in calculations but according to feng shui they also affect human life and destiny. So, what do the numbers mean in feng shui? Along find out the article below to get the answer.

The basic meanings of the numbers are determined by the Chinese phonetic reading. Below will be the feng-shui meaning of each number from 0 to 9.

  • Number 0 – Real: All are normal, nothing to worry about
  • Number 1 – Unique: Meaning unique, unique, different
  • Number 2 – Nhi: Meaning forever, balanced
  • Number 3 – Tam: Means sustainable
  • Number 4 – Tu – Tu: Means unlucky
  • Number 5 – Five: Symbolizes all good things
  • Number 6 – Green: Symbolizes luck, fortune
  • Number 7 – Loss: Means loss, loss
  • Number 8 – Bat: Symbolizes success, smoothness and convenience
  • Number 9 – Nine: Symbolizes eternity, longevity

The meaning of the numbers in feng shui

Meaning of zero in feng shui

The number 0 in Feng Shui represents a beginning, a new beginning.

In the Five Elements, the number 0 belongs to the Earth element, so this number is very positive for those who are destined to be Kim (Earth-born Kim), helping to bring good luck and goodness to them. The number 0 is also suitable for the Tho destiny because they can support each other.

The meaning of number 1 in feng shui

Number 1 is a number that always brings new and good things, represents resilience and stability.

What does the number 2 in feng shui mean?

Number 2 represents happiness, but happiness, lasting forever, the balance of yin and yang.

What does number 3 mean in feng shui?

Number 3 represents stability, stability, represents prosperity.

The meaning of number 4 in feng shui

Number 4 is considered by many as a bad number because number 4 is read according to the Chinese transliteration of Tu, reading deviate means Tu (dead).

According to the five elements of Yin and Yang, the number 4 represents the neutralization of Yin and Yang because there must be birth.

What does number 5 mean in feng shui?

In feng shui, the number 5 is considered the lucky number, symbolizing good things, blessings and blessings.

The meaning of number 6 in feng shui

Number 6 is the number that brings a lot of luck, goodness and good fortune.

Number 6 represents fortune, good luck, brings luck and prosperity, so it is loved by many people.

What does the number 7 in Feng Shui mean?

Number 7 (loss) is said to be an unlucky number because it represents loss, failure, and unlucky. However, in feng shui, the number 7 represents power, mystical power to dispel misfortunes.

What does feng shui number 8 mean?

In feng shui, number 8 represents prosperity and good luck, so it is considered a lucky number, which is loved by many people.

What does number 9 mean in feng shui?

In folklore, number 9 represents longevity, eternity, longevity over time. In addition, the number 9 also symbolizes strength and authority.

What do the numbers mean?

Number 1 – Que Kham – belonged to Thuy

Number 2 – Khone – belongs to Tho’s destiny

Number 3 – Tran – belongs to the destiny of Moc

Number 4 – Tàn – belongs to the destiny of Moc

Number 5 – belongs to Earth

Number 6- Can – belong to the destiny of Kim

Number 7 – Doai – belongs to the destiny of Kim

Number 8 – Can – belongs to Tho’s destiny

Number 9 – Ly – belongs to the destiny of Fire

The numbers match each destiny

The meanings of the numbers put together

Meaning 2 numbers combined together

Number 79: Great god of wealth

Number 39: Little god of wealth

Number 56: Phat Loc

Number 23: Balanced fortune

Number 29: Forever fortune

Number 68: Birth

Number 86: Phat fortune and fortune

Meaning of 4 numbers combined together

Number 1102: Unique

Number 1368: Lifetime of fortune

Number 6868: Loc thrives

Number 7838: Mr. Dia is big, Mr. Dia is small

Number 7939: Great god of wealth, little god of talent

Number 2628: Pick out fortune

Number 1111: Four solid pillars

Number 2204: Never Die

Number 2626: Balanced wealth

Number 5656: Wealth and fortune

Number 8386: Phat fortune and fortune

Number 4078: Four seasons go well

Number 8686: Phat Locotoc


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