“F5” your work and entertainment with Newmen’s dual-mode wireless mechanical keyboard

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2021-04-30 01:49:12

The pair of unique wireless mechanical keyboards from Newmen promises to be the “F5” button for work and entertainment for young people who are always looking for a new experience, creating their own signature and style. me.

Many consumers are familiar with Newmen’s peripheral devices such as keys, mouse, … for both office and for gamers. In early 2021, Newmen continued to assert its position by launching a series of new products that led the trend of multi-purpose – a trend that stood out from the second half of 2020, just refreshing for office work. everyday, it both caters to your entertainment needs with the esports sport.

GM610 – “The ultimate Kungfu” wireless mechanical keyboard

GM610 – 60% multi-tasking mechanical keyboard is equipped with many features and outstanding design.

First of all, the GM610 looks, extremely compact, eye-catching and can replace the keycap set according to user’s preferences with the additional keycap and switch that comes with the keyboard or buy from outside with equipment. replace the supplied key.

GM610 also features full keyboard RGB lighting with 5 lighting levels and a variety of customizable effects. From now on your keyboard is no longer tedious, your work becomes much more enjoyable with this device.

“F5” your work and entertainment with Newmen's dual-mode wireless mechanical keyboard - Photo 2.

GM610 is equipped with PBT keycap 2-layer injection molding with “sublimation” technology, anti-fading, abrasion for durability up to 50 million clicks. With GM610, users can use 3 types of mechanical shaft available: blue, red and black, depending on their preferences and needs of use. “Always confident in yourself” is the message that Newmen wants to convey to users in this year 2021.

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GM610 can connect to any device via type-C cable and bluetooth 5.0 and at the same time can connect to 4 devices, the device can be switched very quickly with just a hot key combination. on the keyboard. Innovative, advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology makes the keyboard’s connection and operation easy, the latency is almost negligible, giving users a comfortable use of this keyboard, even. for those who play the hardest games.

“F5” your work and entertainment with Newmen's dual-mode wireless mechanical keyboard - Photo 4.

With these great features of the GM610, it deserves the reputation of being one of the most awaited multitasking office and entertainment peripherals.

GM 335 – New generation wireless dual mechanical keyboard

“F5” your work and entertainment with Newmen's dual-mode wireless mechanical keyboard - Photo 5.

In this new product launch, Newmen also introduces a new generation of dual keyboards based on the successes of previous multi-tasking mechanical keystrokes. GM335 mechanical keyboard can connect to devices via a Type-C cable or 2.4Hz mode with built-in battery, giving users more choices with a keyboard.

For those who prefer a full-size mechanical keyboard, the GM335 is a remarkable choice. GM335 has an ergonomic design, the keyboard uses a high-low ladder layout, suitable for swipe gestures of the hand, ensuring activation speed and keystrokes, providing users with experience. experience in each operation smoothly.

“F5” your work and entertainment with Newmen's dual-mode wireless mechanical keyboard - Photo 6.

For frequent gaming enthusiasts, a huge concern beyond the responsiveness and feel of the keyboard is also conflicts in special keystrokes in games where strategy is difficult. complex key combinations. With GM335, users are completely eliminated from these worries, with wired mode, no key conflicts across the entire keyboard and with 2.4G mode, no 6 key conflicts occur.

GM335’s keyboard is also equipped with 2-color injection molding keycap, which is anti-wear and fade after a long time of use with light effects mixed full keyboard and 3 types of mechanical shaft (black, blue, red) optional. Give users a special experience. Newmen uses a large capacity lithium battery and smart standby for this keyboard, users can use up to 10 hours continuously for 1 full charge and will be much longer according to the actual use time.

A long warranty of up to 24 months for these products is a manufacturer’s affirmation of the quality of the products.

Currently, this new duo of new products is present in Vietnam and is officially distributed only by PATECH JSC., – A Dong Industry Import-Export Joint Stock Company at distribution centers across 3 regions across the country. :

Hanoi: B26 + 27 Area B Hoang Cau, Ward O Cho Dua, District Dong Da, Hanoi

Da Nang: 14 Dao Duy Anh, Thanh Khe, Da Nang

Ho Chi Minh City: 730/8 Lac Long Quan, Ward 9, Tan Binh District, City. HCM City

Website: www.patech.com.vn; www.newmen.vn

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