Facebook has a serious photo error

Facebook has a serious photo error


2021-06-02 00:24:18

(CHK) On the morning of June 2, many users reported that Facebook mobile version encountered an error that they could not view photos.

Specifically, on the morning of June 2, many Facebook users on mobile devices in Vietnam said that when touching any post with a photo, instead of accessing the photo as usual, the post immediately disappear.

Some people say they can still see text content, but images can’t.

Posts with errors are usually posts with two or more photos. Meanwhile, posts with a photo are still viewable.

For Facebook users through a browser on a computer, the image error does not occur. Up to now, this error has not been fixed by Facebook.

Facebook photo error confirmation tools started around 4 a.m. this morning and are still growing. This suggests that this may be a global problem for Facebook.

Facebook error is not too strange. On January 23, many Facebook users were exited from the application and had to log back in because “session expired”.

In February, Facebook Messenger users also had a panic when the application could not text or call normally. Facebook often rarely reports its errors, but only focuses on fixing errors.


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