Facebook launches its own news page, attracting top authors to write for them

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2021-06-30 09:06:07

According to information on CNN, Facebook has just launched a new news site called Bulletin. This is Facebook’s version of Substack (an email newsletter platform): A way to create and distribute free and paid newsletters. Whereby, Facebook has recruited many leading authors in fields such as sports, health, finance and science to work for me.

Facebook’s Bulletin news page has a fairly simple operating mechanism: Users can find themselves a pen that they like, write about the field of interest to you, subscribe and receive a regular content stream in inbox. Users can choose the paid version or the free version depending on their needs.

Although Facebook will use Facebook to promote Bulletin, the platform actually works outside of Facebook. If you click the Bulletin link while using Facebook, it will open a new browser window where you can read information about the field you previously registered with.

Bulletin will also prove to everyone that there is information on this platform that you cannot find on Facebook. That is the reason that users are willing to sign up to receive information from Bulletin.

Currently, Bulletin is hiring editors to write on topics such as sports, fashion, the environment or local news. Facebook previously said it was willing to spend $5 million to “support local journalists interested in starting or continuing their work” on Bulletin.

Facebook is proving that this is a completely serious project and convincing the authors to participate in it is not a scam. At the same time will sign a two-year contract with those authors.

As a completely independent project, whether Bulletin succeeds or fails will not affect Facebook. Of course, it is also undeniable that Facebook is pouring a large amount of resources into this project. Typically, they paid over 6 million USD to buy URL Bulletin.com this year.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been talking about this idea for a long time. Accordingly, Facebook’s plan is to build an audio product suite, including a podcast player and a Clubhouse clone. Eventually Facebook linked those up to create Bulletin. So writers can add members-only recordings or live events to the services they subscribe to. That means if users want to read good, interesting news, they need to pay to buy an advanced package.


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