‘Falling’ before Nokia 5580 2022 ‘super strange’ design with physical keyboard

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2022-05-17 08:34:15

Nokia has announced to stop producing high-end smartphones, so netizens have gradually turned to Nokia’s brick smartphone ideas. One of the ideas that has received the most attention recently is the Nokia 5580 – 2022.

The body design of the Nokia 5580 2022 is full of angles. It is a novel octagonal structure and a larger camera module is designed on the back. Major mobile phone manufacturers are trying their best to make the appearance of mobile phones round or thin.

The new design of Nokia 5580 is the opposite, the body adopts an octagonal design with flat edges like the iPhone 13. Although it is not clear how the actual feeling will be, this angular design feels very fancy and unique. The iPhone 13 can hardly create such an interesting fancy feeling.

Surprisingly, the camera module of the Nokia 5580 2022 has a very large flash. In the past, Nokia has introduced a number of phones with “xenon flash” lights similar to professional cameras that are much better than the LED flash technology of today’s smartphones. Of course, xenon flash will be larger in size and consume more battery, but the effect on image quality is very good.

On the front of the machine is an LCD screen combined with a physical qwerty keyboard that feels like the legendary N72. Although the touch screen has replaced the keyboard, the feeling of pressing the physical buttons will certainly bring more fun and Nokia can bring this to users with the design of the Nokia 5580 2022.

Nokia 5580 2022 is expected to have 3K resolution and 120 Hz refresh rate with the ability to display 1 billion colors…etc. In addition, the new Nokia 5580 this time will continue to upgrade in terms of processor configuration. Like the Snapdragon 8 Gen1 chip, which supports up to 2TB of storage and up to 12GB of memory, this is an impeccable flagship model.

As for the camera, the new Nokia 5580 has three lenses, including a periscope telephoto camera and two 100 MP ultra-wide and wide-angle cameras. Although the number of camera lenses is only three, this combination is already at the top of the range of phone cameras today, and the photo effect is still very good.

Obviously with the above hardware, the Nokia 5580 2022 will eat away at the iPhone 13 Pro in terms of attractiveness to users.

Overall, the Nokia 5580 2022 render really brings an interesting product in this moment. The market is now saturated with touch screen smartphones and has returned to folding phones. So Nokia 5580 2022 can completely start a new trend of returning with a classic keyboard design but with the formidable power of modern smartphones.

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