Falling before Nokia G400 5G, both strong and beautiful promises to occupy the ‘cheap 5G king’ throne of Redmi Note 11S

Falling before Nokia G400 5G, both strong and beautiful promises to occupy the ‘cheap 5G king’ throne of Redmi Note 11S

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2022-06-27 23:23:47

Since the beginning of this year, the technology world has known that Nokia will launch the Nokia G400 5G as one of its cheapest 5G smartphones. After nearly half a year of no progress, recently, Nokia G400 5G has officially revealed the first information through regulatory agencies.

Design of Nokia G400 5G

According to information from a certification posted on the home page of the FCC – (US federal communications commission), the Nokia G400 5G has the same appearance as its brothers Nokia G21 or G11.

Nokia G400 5G is quite similar to Nokia G21 in appearance

It’s a new design language with a left-skewed camera module and vertically stacked lenses. It seems that the old design language with the lenses arranged in a circular module in the middle of the back has been removed by Nokia. The edges of the machine are squared with basic connections and buttons and USB-C charging.

Nokia G400 5G screen will have a higher refresh rate than Nokia G21

Meanwhile, the front of the Nokia G400 5G is described as having a waterdrop notch to house the front camera. The chin part of the device is thick enough to contain the original Nokia logo. From the screen, it is easy to see that the Nokia G400 5G will be a low-cost model.

Configuration Nokia G400 5G

First of all about the screen, Nokia G400 5G will be equipped with a 6.5-inch screen using LCD panels, 120Hz refresh rate. It is quite similar to the screen of the Nokia G21 being sold in Vietnam but a bit faster in terms of refresh rate. The Nokia G21 refreshes only at 90Hz.

As for the internal power, the FCC did not specify. However, based on the product’s characteristics, the technology world speculates that it will use the same Snapdragon 480 5G chip as the Nokia G50 because this is the most stable and cheapest 5G chip available today – essential to keep Nokia Cheap G400 5G. The device will also come with a battery of at least 4900 mAh and RAM from 6GB.

As for the shooting feature, Nokia G400 5G will have a 48MP main camera, two secondary lenses with 5MP and 2MP resolution, respectively, super wide-angle and depth-measuring cameras. Meanwhile, the front camera of the device has a resolution of 16MP. In general, these are the numbers seen in the Nokia G50.


With a determined selling price of $240, equivalent to about VND 5.57 million, the Nokia G400 5G will likely be a direct replacement of the Nokia G50 5G. With this price, Nokia G400 5G can completely become a new ‘cheap 5G king’, beating Xiaomi’s new Redmi Note 11S 5G.

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