Falling into the trap of ‘vaccine investment’ App, many people lose tens of millions of dong

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2021-07-23 03:12:40

“I’ve only ‘invested’ for three days, now I can’t withdraw money anymore, I can’t contact the administrator. The amount deposited is considered lost.” Nguyen Manh (Bac Ninh) said.

The application Manh is playing takes the form of investing in vaccine packages or medical equipment, such as masks and goggles. Users are prompted to sign up for an account and play through a website or app called r383. The exchange of information with the support person as well as with other members is done through the chat group on Zalo or Telegram.

Users are lured to invest in vaccine packages on the app to make a profit every day.

On the chat group called “Joining hands against Covit 19” that Manh was brought in by the group leader in mid-July, there were nearly 400 members at its peak. Here, team leaders and deputy team members often introduce cases that have made profits through the application, as well as entice users to buy expensive vaccine investment packages, to enjoy great profits.

“I initially invested in the smallest vaccine package at 310 thousand VND, I made a profit and successfully withdrew. Believe me, I added another 500 thousand VND and the app crashed.”Manh said. Previous team leaders and deputy members also left the group or blocked members’ contact. “With the experience of playing many apps and being cheated many times, I understand this app has crashed and there is no way to get my invested money back”Manh said.

The application promises to pay interest within the day to users.

Like many other scam apps, r383 has a series of investment packages, each named after a famous vaccine in the world. The higher the amount invested, the greater the profit that the user is promised.

For example, the investment package named “vaccine Vacuna” requires a minimum amount of 310,000 VND each time. Players will earn 7% profit every day and can only play for one day. While the investment package “Vaccine Pfizer BiNtech” requires a minimum amount of 1.2 million VND, players will receive 8.4% profit per day and can play for 10 days. The application promises to pay interest at 3pm every day and pay the full principal amount at the end of the “playing” time.

The application also displays the investment progress of the packages. Packages that reach 100% progress will be closed. Therefore, many people have decided to invest quickly for fear of losing the opportunity.

“According to information on the application, if I invest in the Pfizer BiNtech Vaccine package with an amount of VND 12 million, I can receive VND 9.6 million after 10 days,” a player named Pham Chien (Hai Phong) shared. Chien said that the first times he also invested in a small package and successfully withdrew, nearly 1 million VND. Then he decided to make a big investment once and then quit playing, but before he could take a break, the app crashed. The amount he deposited is more than 10 million VND.

On the Zalo chat group that Manh joined, dozens of other people also said they could not withdraw money. The amount of money these people have deposited ranges from several million to several tens of millions of dong.

“Actually, these vaccines are just virtual. They got their name like that because the Covid-19 issue is getting a lot of attention. Players don’t find out, or can’t find out, because the information about these projects is quite different. meager“, Chien commented. “I understand this myself and knew the app would crash, but I didn’t expect it to crash so quickly,” Chien said.

Currently, the application and website that Mr. Chien and Mr. Manh participate in are still active, but users can only deposit money but cannot withdraw, nor can they contact team leaders to receive support.

According to the National Cyber ​​Security Monitoring Center (NCSC), this is a typical phishing attack on the Internet in recent times. “This form uses old techniques but content and information in a new way, in order to catch people off guard and easily fall into traps,” he said. NCSC commented.

In the above case, this scam trap uses products and services related to Covid-19 prevention, testing and treatment – which is a matter of great concern in Vietnam – and large profits to seduce. player.

“At this stage, people have a need to find information about necessities, or get medical care via the Internet. Many people have financial difficulties and want to make easy money. Taking advantage of that situation, the bad guys have carry out many acts of fraud and profiteering through cyberspace”, the NCSC representative said.

According to experts, users can identify an online investment fraud model through a number of signs, such as calling for investment to get rich quick; promises to pay interest at extremely high interest rates; commitment to no risk or very low investment risk, fixed rate return; difficult to withdraw capital and often offer investment packages with higher interest rates.



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