Fast, accurate 3D measurement sensor module

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2022-01-01 04:15:55

Nexensor Co., Ltd. Co.

Nexensor was founded in 2018 and is run by Director Junho Yoo who has a PhD in optical metrology and has successfully researched and developed 3D measurement sensor modules focusing on Product specifications in the US and Japan to meet the needs of the market. In 2020, Nexensor recorded outstanding growth with sales of 1 billion won.

Large area interferometer sensor/nXI-2

Nexensor products are based on fundamental principles of optical technology such as interferometry and deviation measurement. Their fields of application are applicable to microstructure measurement, displacement and thickness measurement, large area free-form surface inspection and shape measurement (nanometer level accuracy). The product is installed as a 3D measurement module in display and semiconductor testing equipment. Compared with competing technologies, it has less effect on vibration during measurement, and has the advantage of being able to quickly and accurately test.

Fast and accurate 3D measurement sensor module - Photo 2.

Freeform Surface Measurement System/nXF-3

Nexensor CEO Yoo Junho said: “By securing a strong optical metrology core technology, we are being globally recognized by semiconductor, display and secondary battery customers. In the coming year, Nexensor’s measuring sensors will make further efforts to improve product quality for many different industries.”

Nexensor is about to release an upgraded model of a distributed interferometer sensor capable of rapidly and continuously measuring the 3D geometry of surfaces and multilayer thin film thicknesses, and an area interferometer sensor. large with extended FOV. In 2022, with the launch of more advanced 3D measurement sensor modules and solutions, we expect that Nexensor products will be recognized in various industries at home and abroad.

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