Fast but completely practical?

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2022-01-11 23:00:11

After 2 years of launch, and with the launch of Intel Alder Lake, PCIe 4.0 can now be considered universal with product lines spanning many segments from big names like Western Digital, Samsung , Kingston. With that development, the high-end NVMe 4.0 SSD product lines on the market have almost reached the maximum read/write speed of nearly 8GB/s.

While the WD_BLACK SN850, Western Digital’s most advanced NVMe 4.0 standard solid-state drive, has been around for about a year with market-leading speeds, the company has recently added to its high-end WD_BLACK lineup. is the SN750 SE – an upgraded version of the SN750 that was very popular in the PCIe 3.0 era.

The box of the SN750 SE is almost identical to the box design of the SN850 with the typical Western Digital font in white and orange on a black background and the characters of WD_BLACK embossed in the background. In addition, there is information such as capacity, connection standards and maximum reading speed.

NVMe WD_BLACK SN750 SE review: Fast, but totally practical?  - Photo 2.

The back is also the part that prints the product information as well as the cut to see the product stamp including the serial number and some other information printed on the label of the internal hard drive.

The main character, the WD_BLACK SN750 SE has a standard size M.2 2280 with black as the main color for the design as well as the board. With a maximum capacity of 1TB, the SN750 SEs will all be equipped with only one 64-layer 3D TLC NAND Flash memory chip from Sandisk. The control chip is also an improved version compared to the previous generation using Phison E19.

Test configuration:

– CPU: Intel Core i9-12900K

– RAM: G.Skill Trident Z Royal Elite 2x8GB 3600MHz CL14

– Mainboard: Biostar Z690A VALKYRIE

– GPU: NVidia RTX 3070

– NVMe: WD_Black SN750 SE 1TB

– PSU: Corsair RM850 Gold


– OS: Windows 11

In terms of performance, with the CrystalDiskMark test, the SN750 SE easily achieved a sequential read speed of 3593MB/s, true to the manufacturer’s announced level. Sequential write speed also reached nearly 3000MB/s.

NVMe WD_BLACK SN750 SE review: Fast, but totally practical?  - Photo 5.

In the ATTO test, from the file size of 16KB or more, the read / write speed is almost unchanged. It can be seen that, with the new controller, the performance of the SN750 SE will be quite stable at most common user needs.

NVMe WD_BLACK SN750 SE review: Fast, but totally practical?  - Photo 6.

In mixed file copy conditions, the speed is maintained quite well, always at 1 to 2GB / sec. Stable write speed can be considered as the strong point of the new controller chip. Of course, to ensure performance, users should equip this NVMe 4.0 hard drive with a heatsink or attach it to the motherboard heatsink to ensure ideal working temperature conditions.

All in all, the WD_BLACK SN750 SE is still a good NVMe with top speed. However, this hard drive uses the NVMe 4.0 protocol, which is quite redundant because the memory chip and controller chip cannot take advantage of the bandwidth up to 8 GB / s.

With almost the same structure as the SN750, the actual SE version also offers the same performance, which only requires NVMe 3.0. The SN750 SE will still give users stable performance, but in the current era of NVMe 4.0’s tearing speed, the SN750 SE will be suitable for making storage drives, game drives or for medium budget rigs. because with daily tasks, it is really hard to see the difference between the SN750 SE and the SN850.


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