Fight and reap sweet fruits with Codyfight (CTOK)

Fight and reap sweet fruits with Codyfight (CTOK)


2021-12-23 21:53:06

There are two key factors that make a game successful in the esports scene: the fun of the game mechanics and the balance. Interesting helps attract players, a game with boring game mechanics, the ability to continue playing will not be high. On the other hand, the balance in the game is also very important because otherwise, the game will also become boring and tasteless.

If the player has “trained” to the state of “wherever you win” then it will definitely need a leap. LIVE Codyfight There are different modes of competition to constantly create something new for gamers.

In Codyfight, players can experience a few normal modes, but the competitive mechanics will make players “fight blood” more. This article will shed light on how Codyfight designed a balanced form of competitive gaming.

Unique competitive modes

Arena Arena

Codyfight Arena (game mode #3) has a leaderboard system with rewards according to the robot’s rank. Players must constantly explore and understand the map and new character behaviors to develop the necessary skills and build compatible AI robots. Each match costs 1 CTicket or 1 Daily Ticket to enter the match.

Robot Rating

Codyfight has a super dynamic ranking system. The rank will show the robot’s current skills and strength. Gamers who can adapt to the constantly changing AI capabilities can rise to the top.

There are a total of 11 robot ranks and 6 slots in Codyfight Arena. The player must win a specific number of matches in the whole match. The higher the robot rank, the higher the difficulty is raised. On the other hand, new players can rank up faster than veteran players.

Tournaments and events

In order to attract a large number of players in the community, Codyfight often organizes special events and can receive more valuable rewards than in the mere arena.


As soon as the new game modes launch, tournaments will be held and Codyfight will be preparing to launch the first AI fighting tournament.

Holiday event

Christmas, New Year, Halloween and many recurring events throughout the year will be held in the game.


Various mini-games will be deployed to engage the community. Some mini-games will be held outside the game.

Community Tournament

The Community League is an event that emphasizes decentralization. Codyfight provides a tournament planning toolkit for organizers that includes the ability to customize gameplay so that the tournament is fair for everyone. This feature will allow community leader players or casual players to organize and set up their own tournaments.


Participation in community tournaments, holiday events or mini-games will always have rewards. Players can quickly get free permanent NFTs, CTOK tokens and CKeys…

Game mechanics

Following the motto “Ten percent luck, twenty percent skill”, the Codyfight arena will have to employ a different strategy corresponding to different game modes, current rankings and different maps. These factors determine the variation in game mechanics.

The Codyfight team will control the game by releasing special agents, maps, abilities, etc. These will be the key to keeping the game mechanics in balance.

Become a true strategist

Players can also influence game mechanics by strategizing according to their preferences, for example:

  • Choose easy options to enter the exit gate to earn points.
  • Don’t look for a quick way to win, but spend more time in a match, increasing your chances of encountering agents for greater rewards.
  • Block the opponent from the exit gate and trap Mr.Ryo.

The best robot requires the most flexible mind

Any player wants to own an AI robot that can adapt to maps and can take on agents without the developers’ intervention. However, you should be persistent. change tactics to adapt because the game mechanics will always change constantly.

In Codyfight, the user will never know his opponent in advance. The more you play, the more you will encounter many counters from other players, so creating robots that can adapt continuously is extremely effective and it is the player who is the key to the mind battles.

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