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2021-06-21 08:40:25

Cosmos Panorama is a Series to help you update and understand all that has happened in the Cosmos ecosystem in the past week. At the end of the article, there will be a summary and sharing from my personal perspective about the Cosmos ecosystem.

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If you want to update any more projects in the Cosmos ecosystem, please comment below so I can update next time.

Overview of the current Cosmos ecosystem

After 2 weeks without too much volatility, the Cosmos ecosystem is back with a lot of positive news this past week.

The most prominent among them is the launch of Osmosis – the first AMM on Cosmos Hub. This will promote cross-chain activity on Cosmos, and will also be the foundation for the development of future cross-chain protocols.

In addition, a number of other Blockchains are also active on the Cosmos ecosystem such as: Secret Network, Bandchain, Persistence, Thorchain, ….

Important updates

  • Regen, Osmosis connected to Cosmos Hub: This is the 5th and 6th blockchain connected to Cosmos Hub, respectively, with the newly launched AMM, these Blockchains will be the bridge to help expand the Cosmos Hub ecosystem quickly.
  • Cosmos Hub Roadmap 2.0: Cosmos recently gave an update on the upcoming phases of the Cosmos Hub. After completing the Internet of Blockchain model, the next phase of Cosmos will be towards:
    • Cross-chain Protocol on Cosmos.
    • Staking Derivatives for ATOM tokens.
    • Interchain Staking to increase security for the entire Cosmos ecosystem.

Impressive numbers in the Cosmos . system

  • $65.53 CZK: Total capitalization of the entire Cosmos ecosystem today.
  • 6: Number of Blockchains connected to Cosmos Hub through IBC, including Iris Network, Akash Network, Persistence,, Regen Network, Osmosis.

Analysis of small universes in the galaxy Cosmos

Osmosis Mainnet and reached $5 M TVL after 24 hours of operation

Osmosis is an AMM project developed on Cosmos Hub.

As everyone’s eyes were on Gravity Dex (also an AMM, developed directly by Cosmos Hub), Osmosis was on mainnet first.

As expected, the launch of the AMM on Cosmos Hub quickly spurred activity on Interchain IBC:

  • IBC before Osmosis launches: 236 transactions via IBC every day.
  • IBC after Osmosis launch: 19,366 transactions via IBC every day.

This is very positive news for the Cosmos ecosystem in general and for ATOM holders in particular. AMM will be the platform to promote other cross-chain protocols on the Cosmos ecosystem.

Regen airdrop for ATOM and OSMO Staker

The program will start in 2 days, from 00:00 UTC June 20, 2021 to 23:59 UTC June 22, 2021.

Regen Network is a project that applies Blockchain to building a green environment, helping to limit climate change.

During the event period, 500,000 REGEN will be distributed to ATOMs and OSMO Stakers.

This Airdrop program will help Regen connect with 2 large communities on Cosmos today, ATOM and OSMO.

Injectives Launches Spot and Perpetual Markets Testnet

Users can now test Spot and Perp trading with a wide range of trading pairs in the Tesnet Equinox version of Injectives.

In addition, when participating in the test and completing some tasks on the Equinox version, users will receive a 3% increase in rewards when Staking INJ tokens.

In general, this is quite important news for the Injectives community, after a long time of research for nearly 1 year, the project has finally released a testnet version.

Thorstarter (XRUNE) will officially go on public sale on June 29

Thorstarter is the first IDO platform on Thorchain, which is a promising project with this ecosystem.

Last week, the project officially announced some information about Public sale

  • Sale time: June 28 11:00 PM UTC.
  • XRUNE Price: $0.01.

To be able to participate in buying XRUNE, you can refer to the official announcement of the project here.

After this Public sale round, XRUNE will be listed on Sushiswap on July 2nd.

Secret – BSC Bridge official mainnet

After more than half a month of waiting, the Secret – BSC bridge was finally officially launched.

Now, users on BSC can use the security features for their assets provided by Secret Network. At the same time, the Secret Network ecosystem will also support many projects and tokens from BSC.

The list of tokens supported by Secret – BSC Bridge is depicted in the image below.


A fairly active week on the Cosmos ecosystem after 2 weeks without too many important updates.

To summarize, some notable events that took place in the Cosmos ecosystem in the past week include:

  • There have been 2 more blockchains connected to Cosmos Hub (Regen Network and Osmosis), now a total of 6 blockchains on the Cosmos Hub ecosystem are supported.
  • The first AMM on Cosmos Hub was mainnet, TVL quickly reached $5 M after 24 hours of launch.
  • Users can now experience testnet Spot and Perp trading on Injectives.
  • XRUNE will officially go on public sale on June 29.

Here are some highlights from the Cosmos Ecosystem in the past week, what do you think about the changes in the Cosmos ecosystem this week, please leave your comments below for us to discuss. .

Cosmos Panorama is a weekly Series, updating and analyzing the latest happenings in the Cosmos ecosystem. See you guys in the next issue.

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