Fix errors can not merge drives, partitions on Windows

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2021-03-28 07:07:17

There are many causes for your Windows 10 partition pooling to fail. This causes your computer to be limited or the computer does not run smoothly, making you uncomfortable. So, our article will help you find 4 common causes and how to fix these errors.

The cause and how to fix it

The two partitions you want to merge are located on two different hard drives

The best fix is, you can create a large partition – with the total space being greater than the two partitions you want to merge – on another hard drive, then copy the data to the large partition instead. .

Partition is the system partition

There is no way to fix this error because this partition contains the files used to boot the system.

Insufficient partition (less than 1GB)

The primary machine partition must have at least 1GB of free space. To fix not enough space, you need to delete unused files to free up more space for the primary partition. Or you need to put the second partition into an unallocated state. Then, you use “resized partition” to merge the unformatted state partition into the primary partition.

The two partitions are not next to each other

To fix this error, you can do it in 2 ways:

  • Manually: If there is enough space in the primary partition to save the data of the 2nd partition, you can copy the data of the 2nd partition and paste it into the primary partition, so that it is returned to the state. Format. You can then merge primary and unformatted primary partitions together to increase space for primary partitions.
  • Use the Minitool Partition Wizard tool to merge 2 partitions that are not next to each other.

The two partitions are not next to each other

Thus, you can not merge partitions because you may have encountered 1 of 4 reasons above. Please refer to the fix that we give to be able to successfully merge hard drive partitions!


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