Folding screen iPhone launched in 2024, expected to be a perfect ‘folding’ phone

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2022-01-05 16:19:08

The patents claim that the folding iPhone has existed for many years now, but for some reason, this model still hasn’t met the standards for Apple to bring to the market. “I guess” Ming-Chi Kuo also thinks that the foldable iPhone will be released in 2024 with a flexible OLED screen.

The current folding screen models, although bringing a new breeze to the mobile market, still face many problems that make the experience significantly worse. For example, poorly optimized software, screen folds or large thickness. Apple will be the manufacturer that is expected to significantly reduce the above problems.


After many years of perfection, hopefully the folding screen iPhone will have an impressive screen no less than the flat screen iPhones, no folds, the thickness is reduced so that when folded we will have a smartphone. “iPhone Fold” compact to pocket, easy to carry with you. When opened, we will have an iPhone equivalent to iPad mini.


Besides, the interface optimization is also a big problem, the company will have to spend a lot of time taking care of the applications on the iOS platform. The same expectation that “iPhone Fold” will bring many interesting and new things, but still familiar and easy to use like a normal mobile device. In 2022, Apple will completely remove the notch to bring a screen with a more optimal size. And who knows, the iPhone Fold will also appear simultaneously this year.


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