For the majority of users for free, where can Teamviewer sponsor hundreds of millions of dollars for Manchester United?

For the majority of users for free, where can Teamviewer sponsor hundreds of millions of dollars for Manchester United?


2021-03-26 01:10:06

Teamviewer launched in 2005 has solved many geographic problems, helping people hundreds of kilometers away from the computer can still access and get the job they want. And just a few days ago, top English football club Manchester United officially signed a record sponsorship deal with Teamviewer, thereby promising to take this company to a new level.

TeamViewer AG is a multinational technology company headquartered in Göppingen, Germany, best known for its software of the same name to help users access their PCs remotely. Developed since 2005, with only a few initial users, Teamviewer has grown strongly and become the leading software for connecting to PCs in any location.

Today, in addition to the traditional connection, Teamviewer supports users to connect to personal computers from phones, tablets … Just have an electronic device with teamviewer installed and internet connection. customers can use their personal computers in any location in the world.

In 2010, TeamViewer was acquired by GFI Software; Four years later, the business continues to be bought by the British company Pemira for $ 1 billion – showing huge potential in the future. Through Pemira, TeamViewer became more recognized internationally as well as developed other products. Since its inception up to now, the company’s business model has not changed: it is free for individual users to use for non-commercial purposes, and fees for businesses.

In September 2019, the company’s shares were listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange after an initial public offering (IPO) worth € 2.2 billion. It was the largest IPO by a German tech company since 2000 and also the largest in Europe in 2019.

For the majority of users for free, where can Teamviewer sponsor hundreds of millions of dollars for Manchester United?  - Photo 2.

Teamviewer’s record IPO (Image: Teamviewer)

Over the years, the company also followed the general trend of the software industry, that instead of selling the software one time, it sells subscriptions (subscriptions) to businesses; Thanks to that, the revenue of the business is improved.

In addition, they also offer a number of other products besides their main service of providing the ability to use personal computers anywhere. By the end of 2020, the company achieved sales of 455 million euros, up 17% over last year, of which sales in Europe, Central Asia and Africa (EMEA) accounted for the largest proportion.

At the same time, the number of corporate customers of the company increased by 3.5 times in just 2 years (Q4 – 2018 to Q4 – 2020). Even so, their net profit after tax decreased slightly (-1%) compared to the previous year due to a sharp increase in selling expenses, reaching 103 million euros.

For the majority of users for free, where can Teamviewer sponsor hundreds of millions of dollars for Manchester United?  Photo 3.

Teamviewer’s business has been fruitful in recent years (Image: Teamviewer)

Despite its strong growth over the years, Teamviewer has also received much criticism. One of them is that many criminals use their software to pretend to be employees of large companies to take control of the victim’s personal computer and steal personal information, card passwords. Bank to steal their money … Although the company has made many improvements and recommendations to users, however, until now, this is still a very painful problem for customers using Teamviewer software. .

Up to now, TeamViewer is installed on 2.5 billion devices with 45 million regular online devices, 600,000 organizations and individuals using the subscription package, present in more than 70 countries and supporting more than 30 languages. language. With the aim of further expanding its influence, the company signed a € 275 million 5-year shirt sponsorship deal with Machester United to replace Chevrolet. The value of the cooperation between the two parties is equivalent to the contract that Barcelona signed with Rakuten before the Covid-19 translation took place. This is also the largest shirt sponsorship contract in the Premier League up to now. MU, with a large number of fans and followers (estimated at 1.1 billion, of which about 100 million followers on Twitter and Facebook), will bring TeamViewer a number of potential customers. huge power in the coming years.

As can be seen, in just 15 years of development, Teamviewer has become a leader in connecting to remote PCs. However, their ambitions do not stop here; With the new contract signed with MU, TeamViewer expects its number of customers to continue to grow at a much greater rate than the previous year thanks to the huge number of fans of this team. It can be said that this agreement will promote the company to grow even stronger in the coming years, continuing to maintain its No. 1 position in providing remote connection solutions for personal computers.

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