Former heavyweight champion boxer Mike Tyson recently went “All-In” on Solana (SOL)

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2022-01-14 05:12:05

Heavyweight legend Mike Tyson has emerged as a cheerleader for Solana (SOL). Accordingly, Tyson recently tweeted about going “All-in” on Solana, one of the top “Ethereum killers”.

Mike Tyson “all in” on Solana

The legendary boxer also attached a Catalina Whale (NFT) non-fungible token issued on top of the Solana blockchain. Tyson also started promoting Dream (DREAM), a dubious ERC-20 token, claiming that the token could “revolutionize” the space and help the community deal with mental health issues. God.

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Mike asked Twitter to decide if he should choose Ethereum or Solana in September. In June, he asked his 5 million followers the same question about Bitcoin and Ethereum. In July, the boxer announced his first NFT line after a partnership with creative agency 1ofone. Its launch took place in August.

The competition between the two chains is increasingly fierce. Both JPMorgan and Bank of America recently predicted that Solana would continue to eat away at its larger rival’s market share. Weaker decentralization is seen as a reasonable trade-off for achieving a sufficient degree of scalability.

However, Solana has faced numerous technical glitches over the past few months, suggesting the network may not be ready for mainstream adoption.

In 2015, he got into the Bitcoin game by opening a Las Vegas-based ATM after partnering with Bitcoin Direct. The project was met with fraud allegations and vehemently rejected. The former boxing champion also launched a Bitcoin wallet in partnership with Bitcoin Direct in 2016.


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