Foxconn’s iPhone assembly plant was flooded, the power was short-lived, the water rose to the workers’ thighs

Foxconn’s iPhone assembly plant was flooded, the power was short-lived, the water rose to the workers’ thighs

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2021-07-25 17:49:29

According to the latest report from Foxconn, they said they were not affected by the severe flood situation taking place in China’s Henan province. But the company has now seen production at one of its factories disrupted.

The flooding has been attributed to unusually heavy rainfall, with local reports stating that one hour of rain on Monday was more than what the region normally gets in a full month.

Follow WSJ, three Foxconn factories in Zhengzhou had to close because their power supply was cut off. Water has seeped into some areas of the factory and workers at the plant say they have been laid off.

The power outages appear to have come from a general citywide blackout, which left Foxconn facilities reported to have been shut down for hours. Water also entered the Foxconn facility, with one assembly worker saying at one point he was thigh-deep in water.

However, damage to the iPhone manufacturing center in Zhengzhou city appeared limited, workers said. The Taiwan-based tech conglomerate runs three factories in the city, with hundreds of thousands of workers, according to analysts. Many of them live on the factory grounds, which produce more than half of the iPhones worldwide.

Foxconn is said to have moved production equipment and inventory from the flooded areas, but there have also been no reports of serious damage.

Foxconn's iPhone assembly plant was flooded, lost power for a short time, the water rose to the workers' thighs - Photo 2.

Video recorded from the drone of the city of Zhengzhou iPhone

The possibility of production disruption comes as the Apple supplier begins preparations for this year’s new iPhone models, which are expected to launch in the fall. Assembly of new models and their components usually begins around July and will increase in the following weeks.

According to the WSJ, after the floods and power cuts occurred, Foxconn instructed most workers to stay off work or work from home until further notice. However, it is known that some assembly lines are still operating.

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