FPT International Telecommunication won the award “Top Data Center Service Provider in Vietnam”

FPT International Telecommunication won the award “Top Data Center Service Provider in Vietnam”

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2021-12-06 14:15:57

W.Media Cloud & Data Center Award 2021 is one of the prestigious awards for the field of Data Center and Cloud in the Asia-Pacific region this year. The W.Media Awards is a leading awards ceremony in the Asia-Pacific region, organized to honor and reward individuals, organizations and businesses in all fields of information technology. believe.

The candidates for the Asia-Pacific W.Media Cloud & Data Center Awards in all categories meet important criteria for innovation and application of new technologies in products and services. mine. The Asia-Pacific Cloud & Data Center Awards – a one-of-a-kind award in the region – honors the extraordinary efforts that companies and leaders have made to ensure that life Our daily life is made more advanced and convenient thanks to the application of technology.

With the attendance of more than 1,000 top candidates in the fields of Business, Information Technology, Marketing and Communications from all over Asia – Pacific, the awards ceremony was a great success and an opportunity to exchange, exchange ideas and honor the best leaders and representatives in the field of technology in the Asia-Pacific region.

The award has more than 200 excellent products and services attended. The categories span dozens of specific categories with the presence of a large number of companies in the region.

The jury of this year’s awards ceremony includes more than 30 leading experts in the field of Internet and Information Technology from across Asia Pacific. After an in-depth and comprehensive consideration process by senior judges in the industry, FPT Telecom International was officially selected as the winner in this year’s Asia-Pacific Cloud & Data Center Awards ceremony and was honored with the award. honored as the best Data Center Service Provider in Vietnam.

At the award ceremony, FPT Telecom International introduced the company brand and launched the latest services, especially the newly completed FPT Fornix Data Center.

Today, data is at the core of the fourth industrial revolution and the key to success. Continuously following that success, FPT has built a world-class data center – FPT Fornix.

This is the 4th data center owned by FPT Corporation – the largest data center service provider in Vietnam with more than 23 years of experience in providing IT services for domestic and international businesses. international.

By winning this year’s award, FPT Telecom International’s team has once again proven to customers that they are making the right choice when placing their trust in FPT’s services over the past 10 years. Customers use FPT’s services to bring the company into the forefront of business; apply customer experience improvement and digital transformation to develop new services and help your business continue to grow.

And of course, that is the result of a team of strong talents under FPT, who constantly promote the sustainable success of the business. The company is extremely honored to have the presence of leading experts in Vietnam: a team of highly qualified, internationally certified and experienced professionals, chosen to work for FPT Telecom. They are the most basic and most important thing creating the success of FPT Telecom.

In order to create a resilient environment for customers’ enterprise-critical applications, data, and systems, FPT offers multiple layers of redundancy integrated in its data centers.

Every detail is designed, built and operated with the strict execution and supervision of senior professionals to deliver the best customer experience and outstanding service quality.

FPT Fornix is ​​a first-class data center with the following elements:

  • International Standard Data Center
  • Applying advanced technology
  • Reaching the highest standards in operation and quality management
  • Strong information system and data security
  • Sustainability and strict adherence to energy management standards
  • High reliability for mission-critical systems and enterprise-class infrastructure
  • Improve performance, efficiency and power consumption
  • Telecom Diversity
  • Internet, Cloud and Data Services and Solutions
  • Flexible payment solution
  • Team of highly qualified professionals
  • Flexible support with high expertise 24/7/365

FPT Fornix data center is built according to international standards, recognized by prestigious organizations in the field of data centers in the world.

  • Standard UPTIME TIER III certified by the American organization Uptime Insitute; ISO 9001:2008; ISO 50001:2011; ISO 27001:2013; ISO 27017:2015, etc.

A 6-layer security access control system with both physical and digital safeguards to ensure customers’ systems are operated in a highly secure environment. By implementing a 6-layer security process, FPT has won very important customers in the region, especially customers in the financial sector such as security, insurance, and banking.

About FPT Telecom International Co., Ltd

Established on May 22, 2008, FPT Telecom International is a member company of FPT Telecom – Vietnam’s leading telecommunications company. Inheriting the experience and infrastructure of the parent company – FPT Telecom, one of the leading telecommunications service providers in Vietnam, FPT Telecom International has operated independently since the beginning of 2008 and is now considered a one of the leading reliable service providers in Vietnam

FPT Telecom International is one of the most comprehensive and widely applied IT and Cloud service providers in Vietnam, providing a full range of services nationwide. Thousands of customers – including the fastest growing startups, largest enterprises and leading government agencies – use FPT Telecom International to optimize costs, become more agile and innovate. new faster. We give you the ability and flexibility to choose the right IT infrastructure and managed service level to compete more effectively and successfully grow your business.

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W.Media’s goal is to foster community and create connections in Asia’s IT industry. The company believes that the technologies of the future are sparked by conversations in the present, so with over 15 years of industry knowledge and its global network, W.Media provides a platform. to connect suppliers and users in the most efficient way.


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