FPT Shop offers 10% coupons to customers who buy Xiaomi phones thoại

FPT Shop offers 10% coupons to customers who buy Xiaomi phones thoại

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2021-06-02 19:26:06

Accordingly, from today until the end of June 30, choose to own Xiaomi phone products, you will immediately receive a coupon worth 10%. Specifically, FPT Shop will immediately offer a 10% coupon to use to buy products of the Xiaomi ecosystem (except mobile phones) including: watches, smart brushes, super speed kettles, etc. camera, smart scale, table lamp, night light, shaver, vacuum cleaner, air purifier and hair dryer…

Choose to buy a Xiaomi phone today to receive a 10% coupon from FPT Shop.

Equally practical, for customers who want to own a Xiaomi phone but are still wondering about financial problems, FPT Shop immediately offers a 0% interest installment installment plan with extremely simple procedures to support. With only 2 basic documents, ID card and driver’s license (or household registration book) and 15 minutes of approval, you can bring a genuine smartphone home. You even get remote support and don’t need to go to the store. Besides, because the product is guaranteed by IMEI, it is very accurate and convenient, you will not have to worry about losing documents or invoices when buying at FPT Shop.

In parallel with many attractive promotions, FPT Shop still continues the policy of free delivery. With this policy, users can rest assured to own genuine technology products at FPT Shop without having to go far, especially in the current complicated situation of the Covid-19 epidemic. Payment methods are diverse, you can choose to pay directly when receiving goods or pay online via card, limit contact with cash to avoid infection.

FPT Shop offers 10% coupons to customers who buy Xiaomi phones - Photo 2.

Choosing to buy products from the Xiaomi ecosystem at FPT Shop, you can be completely assured because 100% are genuine products, with a warranty of up to 12 months.

The reason you should choose to buy Xiaomi smart products at FPT Shop

Firstly, you can come to FPT Shop to freely experience, ‘touch with your hands, see with your own eyes’ and choose to buy products when you feel satisfied, no need to order, wait for delivery from abroad. In addition, the system has more than 630 stores across 63 provinces and cities and has a free home delivery program, making it easy to purchase and warrant products during use.

Secondly, you also get a genuine 1 to 1 to 12 month warranty (depending on the product).

Third, FPT Shop commits that all products are 100% new and genuine and have clear invoices so that you can be completely assured of the product’s origin.

Fourth, FPT Shop always offers many attractive incentives to customers.

Products purchased at FPT Shop are genuine, you can choose to buy directly at the store, choose to buy online or call hotline 1800 6601 for advice and quick purchase.

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