FPT Shop offers a discount of up to 2.4 million dong for a series of gaming laptops, and a complimentary combo of accessories for working at home

FPT Shop offers a discount of up to 2.4 million dong for a series of gaming laptops, and a complimentary combo of accessories for working at home

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2021-05-08 20:24:43

Realizing that the Covid-19 epidemic had many complicated changes, the demand for using laptops to work and study at home rapidly increased, FPT Shop immediately implemented many incentive programs to help customers. customers can easily choose to buy laptops, accessories so that customers can study and work from home most effectively, ensuring safety for themselves, their family and the community.

Specifically, genuine Asus, Acer, Lenovo, HP, Dell, MSI are being reduced up to 2.4 million VND, the super product Microsoft Surface Pro 7, Macbook M1 are also reduced to 3,000,000 VND. Thus, from only 6,990,000 VND, you can own a laptop with many modern features to serve the needs of working and studying at home. More specifically, FPT Shop always offers the most attractive incentives for gaming laptops because these are versatile products, not only fighting games but can help you work (even heavy tasks like graphics. ), study, entertain … With this gaming laptop, you can be assured that Work From Home is effective in the days away.

Not stopping there, customers also receive a handy gift combo including a headband with I.value T-139 Mic and high-end laptop backpack. Samsung 24 “and 27” LCD monitors get an immediate 30% discount, and the HP printer gets an additional 300,000 VND discount when buying a laptop. The promotion program is offered to all customers who choose to buy a laptop from now until May 13 and pay in the form of direct payment (ie pay 100% of the order value).

FPT Shop drastically reduced up to 2.4 million dong for many gaming laptops and free home delivery during the complicated Covid-19 translation time as today.

If you are worried about finance, you can choose the installment option with 0% interest discount. The installment payment procedure is very simple, only need 2 basic documents: Identity Card and Driver’s License (or Household Registration Book) and from 15 minutes you can bring a brand new laptop home. .

FPT Shop also has a nationwide free delivery and home installation program. You can also choose to pay online to avoid cash contact, reducing the risk of infection. It is known that FPT Shop has carried out door-to-door delivery for many years, supported by many customers for its convenience and speed. Currently, this form contributes a small part to disease prevention, so it is more and more supported. In addition, customers who need technical support, can immediately call the toll free hotline 1800 6601, branch 2 for immediate advice.

To choose to buy products, you can go to the nearest store, call the toll-free 1800 6601, branch 1 or choose to buy online here.

FPT Shop discounts up to 2.4 million VND for a series of gaming laptops, donates combo of accessories to work at home - Photo 2.

Gaming laptops at FPT Shop are very versatile, not only can battle games but also help you work, study and entertain effectively during the Covid-19 season.

Why should I buy a laptop at FPT Shop – the leading technology retailer in Vietnam?

Firstly, to diversify products for customers to choose from. FPT Shop is a major partner of computer brands sold on the market of Apple (Macbook), Microsoft (Surface), Asus, HP, Dell, Acer, Lenovo, MSI, AVITA with prices from 6 million to 60 million, suitable for many specific needs: Study-Office, Graphics – Technology, Gaming, Slim-light – High-end.

Second, the innovation policy is different. If in the first 30 days the product has a manufacturer’s error, the customer will be exchanged for a new 100% new device (fullbox).

Third, professional consultation and support. FPT Shop system currently has more than 630 stores across 63 provinces, including more than 70 laptop centers. All stores display laptops with free home delivery, quick remote technical support, and well-trained geeks.

In addition, all laptops sold at FPT Shop come from reputable brands around the world such as: Lenovo, HP, Asus, Acer, Dell, AVITA, MSI … and are warranted for up to 24 months. To buy a gaming laptop with the most incentives, you can have more than 630 FPT Shop stores nationwide or choose to buy online via the website, FPT Shop will quickly deliver and install for free at home. The system also has a remote online support program, helping you to fix technical problems as quickly as possible.

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