FPT Smart Home transforms with a different look in the smart switch collection 2022

FPT Smart Home transforms with a different look in the smart switch collection 2022

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2022-05-20 08:59:40

Launched in the market in 2018, FPT Telecom’s smart home solution FPT Smart Home has made a strong impression on Vietnamese users by integrating many features through devices: FPT Play Box S, door sensor FPT iHome, FPT Camera, smart lights, smart door locks, curtain controllers…

Continuing to upgrade the experience, the officially introduced Athena touch switch this time is a special new innovation of FPT Smart Home in the comprehensive “Made in Vietnam” Smart Home solution for Vietnamese users.

Transformation interface for smart home

In the new version, the smart touch switch in the Athena collection is designed with metal edges, sharp edges along with 2 colors black and white to help create accents for any space.

The surface of the Athena switch is also equipped with tempered glass, which helps prevent scratches and fingerprints. This is one of the design points that make Athena switches stand out from their predecessors and other products on the market.

Fpt Smart Home makes a change with a different look in the 2022 smart switch collection - Photo 2.

In addition, the new design with tempered glass is concave at the buttons to help users operate more smoothly. In particular, the touch buttons are also integrated with LED displays. Thanks to that, it helps users to locate the switch right in the dark or in low light conditions quickly and accurately.

Athena touch switch collection brings 4 switch models including: 01 button, 02 buttons, 03 buttons, and 04 buttons are symmetrically arranged on 2 types of square and rectangular sizes, to meet a variety of needs use and spatial location of the family.

New technology makes a different experience

Not only does the interface change, the Athena smart touch switch introduced by FPT Smart Home in this round also brings a breakthrough in technology. In particular, the touch part integrated in the buttons is also highly sensitive, just a gentle touch can control on / off lights or other electrical devices.

Fpt Smart Home makes a change with a different look in the 2022 smart switch collection - Photo 3.

Or users can easily control the remote to control the device, start pre-set scenarios, or schedule activities… Through the central processor of FPT Smart Home, people of all ages can use it. All applications can be controlled by voice in Vietnamese, English, etc. to use the devices in the house.

In addition, this Athena touch switch is also invested to upgrade more anti-interference components for the board to meet devices with inductive loads such as ceiling fans, exhaust fans… Maximum load capacity of a single device. channel is also doubled compared to the old version.

Athena smart switch is equipped with the latest technology Bluetooth Mesh control chip, for better device connectivity, with longer distances. As a result, users can comfortably install Athena switches in large spaces.

Moreover, all touch switch products of FPT Smart Home are IP44 standard, moisture-proof and dust-proof to help protect the board to the maximum, providing peace of mind for users.

Athena Collection is more than just a touch switch

In addition to touch switches, Athena 2022 Collection also has product lines such as: High-power touch switches, Curtain touch switches, Glass wall sockets, scene switches..

Fpt Smart Home makes a makeover with a different look in the 2022 smart switch collection - Photo 4.

The high-capacity touch switch is compatible with devices with large capacity such as: water heaters, induction cookers, pumps, ovens, etc. to meet the diverse needs of the market.

Beautifully designed tempered glass wall socket, supports multi-plug standards.

Curtain touch switch helps to control the opening and closing of curtains or other types of gates, rolling doors… remotely by smartphone or directly by voice through the central controller.

FPT Smart Home also pays special attention to the use of explosion-proof materials for the collection, which not only ensures safety during use, but also limits the situation of electric leakage, electric shock that causes danger. dangerous.

Worth mentioning, FPT Smart Home is a rare “made in Vietnam” solution developed and mastered by FPT Telecom, helping users feel secure when experiencing a comprehensive ecosystem from solution to warranty. .

The Athena collection of FPT Smart Home will officially hit the market from May 17, 2022, promising to bring the optimal solution to the smart home trend: Comfort – Aesthetics – Exquisite.

For details, visit the website https://fptsmarthome.vn/ or call the hotline 1900 6600.


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