FPT Software was honored with the top 8 IoT vendors in Asia

FPT Software was honored with the top 8 IoT vendors in Asia

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2022-07-28 07:39:41

Forrester Wave™ report just released in June 2022 named FPT Software and the world’s leading technology companies

The Forrester Wave™ report, published in June 2022, assesses the quality of technology service providers to help businesses in the market find top suppliers in the region. Based on 28 groups of criteria such as existing services, presence and market strategy, FPT Software was named in the IoT category along with the world’s leading technology companies such as Wipro, Infosys, KPMG, Deloitte and Accenture.

For the first time appearing on Forrester’s ranking, the only representative of Vietnam to receive the highest score on the criteria of network, communication and equipment, as well as ranked second on the list. Market Access. Forrester experts recognize the business has demonstrated its ability to provide leading services in these areas.

In particular, Forrester emphasized that FPT Software has promoted the digital transformation of customers thanks to its own high-quality embedded software products in the Internet of Things segment.

“Companies confirm that they have extensive expertise in IoT device types as well as thorough accessibility,” the report reads. The recognition of this global consulting organization shows FPT Software’s technological capabilities and service delivery capabilities to the international market.

Speaking about the recognition, FPT Software General Director Pham Minh Tuan said: “FPT Software has accompanied many customers to achieve the goals of intelligent operation, improve performance and work quality, receive Forrester Wave’s report reinforces the company’s position as an experienced IoT consultant with outstanding technological capabilities, innovative digital transformation solutions and skills talented technologist.”

“We accelerate digital transformation for global customers through strengthening our technology capabilities and high-quality human resources and professional skills,” emphasized the General Director.

Forrester Wave™ is a US-based research and consulting organization that analyzes technology trends and their impact on business, users and markets. The organization connects with the world’s leading businesses and experts in a variety of industries to evaluate and report on across areas such as computer science, software, network services, Internet and telecommunications. The organization has more than 40 years of market research experience with 18 offices and headquarters in prominent markets worldwide, more than half of which are located in North America and Europe.

Previously, FPT Software appeared in many domestic and foreign reports and rankings such as Top 1 prestigious technology company according to Vietnam Report 2022, “Strong performer” of Gartner Peer Insights 2021 and achieved 4 titles with G2 Summer 2022 Report on the RPA array. Aiming to become the Top 50 digital transformation technology & service providers in Asia, FPT Software currently has more than 25,000 employees working in 26 countries, providing technology services based on core technologies. trending technologies of the world such as RPA (robot automatically handle tasks), cloud computing, Internet of things, AR/VR.


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