Fractional overview – Apps that help people get access to the NFT

Fractional overview – Apps that help people get access to the NFT


2021-03-29 01:50:12

It can be said that the NFT trend is becoming more and more powerful and is gradually creeping into the real world as an indispensable tool to help prevent counterfeiting of intellectual property.

However, owning NFT assets is still difficult to access today, especially for high value assets.

To make it simple for family members to collect these types of digital assets, Fractional is one of the pioneering projects in devising a solution to help split those NFT assets into mutual tokens. corresponding to the percentage of shares.

Today, I will summarize the article introducing this project for you to refer to.

What is Fractional?

Fractional is a decentralized protocol related to NFT. With Fractional, holders of NFT assets can break down their NFTs into tokens.

These tokens have the same functions as the ERC20 tokens available on the market today, such as governance rights – the NFT asset governance it represents.

For example, in case you own a digital picture, you can use this Fractional project to create tokens to represent that picture.

Thanks to Fractional, you can easily buy and own a percentage of any NFT assets you like.

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The problem that Fractional solves

Fractional makes property pricing simpler

For NFT assets, especially collectible NFTs such as pictures, perhaps the most difficult thing is to accurately value their market prices.

Let me give you an example to make it easier for you to understand, surely anyone who is interested in the news will know that in recent times, the whole world has been “amazed” when the technical picture is “Everydays” number was successfully auctioned for $ 69.3 million.

Yes, you don’t get it wrong, just a picture can not be touched or felt that is valued at up to 69.3 million dollars.

That is to say, if you own an asset with value, it will be difficult to find the exact price of that asset. Fragmenting an item and selling it at different prices can help the owner know almost exactly what the value of the asset on the current market is being traded for at the price.

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Back to the case of “Everydays” digital painting mentioned above. Assuming you are the owner of this digital painting, I bet you will find it very difficult to sell them on the market because at such a “heavenly” price, it will be difficult for users to use. accessible by masses.

If you use Fractional instead, you can convert them into tokens for sale in the marketplace. And then surely the liquidity of these assets will be increased significantly.

Earn profits from NFT assets

When you hear this, many of you will feel quite unreasonable and ask yourself the question: “These NFT assets are not the same as ADA or ETH, but can enjoy interest through staking or so. challenge?”.

Yes, NFT cannot take away mortgages or staking to make more profits, but in NFT we have a special feature that is the management fee.

For example, when users lock their NFT assets through Fractional and issue tokens. Those NFT asset holders will receive income from curator fee. These costs will be paid for by those who buy the token.

Every year, you will receive a certain percentage based on the total supply of that asset in the market.

These costs are set up by the NFT manager, but will be managed in case the brothers overbid.

Helping newcomers get access to the NFT

For crypto people, it is certainly no stranger to NFT, but apart from crypto people, the number of people who know NFT according to me is very small.

For the vast majority of people out there, who don’t even dare to invest in Bitcoin, let alone NFT investments, the most essential thing is to simplify the NFT to make them easily accessible.

Breaking down an NFT asset class into such small chunks will make it easier for those who are less knowledgeable about the market to buy and sell tokens on exchanges.

Besides, the story will now be a lot simpler for new entrants as well. For example, when deciding to invest, they will not have to learn too much about the technology, or the ecosystem of the projects – which can be said to be very painful for amateurs.

For now, all they need to care about is that they’re one of the owners of a kind of digital asset, similar to a company’s shareholding.

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Way to solve the problem

When you come to the Fractional platform, assuming you are the owner of some kind of NFT asset, you can divide it into tokens through the NFT Vault.

This NFT Vault will help manage your NFT assets and of course you will have full discretion over your NFT assets, as shown in the illustration.

For example, brothers can auction these tokens on exchanges or even give them away.

In case buyers appear, to own these tokens, they must deposit ETH equal to or greater than the starting price, and then the person who offers the highest price is responsible for paying and receiving the NFT tokens back.

NFT token holders’ privileges

As I mentioned above, tokens generated from NFT assets are ERC20 tokens with the same functions as other normal ERC20 tokens.

Such as governance to be able to vote the starting price of NFT assets every time of auction. This starting price is calculated in ETH.

And when the auction is held successfully, you can take profit by converting the ownership of that NFT asset into ETH easily.


It can be said that, after the success of DeFi, NFT is the next name that is mentioned as a promising land to help projects related to this field to explode and grow.

Above are the highlights of Fractional. Hope to help you in understanding this project better.

Brothers who are interested can refer to the original article link here.

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