Freelancing and the “pains” called Tet

Freelancing and the “pains” called Tet

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2023-01-17 19:56:47

Heartbroken when the whole world shows off Tet bonuses

Freelanced with work from home then there will definitely be no Tet bonus because your name will not be on the personnel list of any company. However, it is also for this obvious reason that most freelancers feel a little heartbroken when people and families compete to show off Tet gifts and Tet bonuses at the end of each year.

Honestly, if you’re a hardworking and reputable freelancer, your monthly income can be quite a bit more than that of the average salaried employee, optimistically speaking can be considered monthly. you all get rewarded. However, that is not enough to dispel the feelings of sadness of freelancers before the wave of showing off Tet bonuses all over the internet and in real life. The atmosphere on New Year’s Day is very different, so the Tet bonus, no matter how much, gives us a feeling of happiness that is hard to explain with common sense.

No Team building, no Gala dinner

Although people are constantly lamenting about the issue of cultural exercises or ungainly team building games to the rest of the world and constantly arguing about the definition of a dream team building, team building and Gala dinner are still a “food”. “food” is an indispensable part of every company and every employee on every New Year’s Eve to spring. Without this dish, the last days of the year will become much more boring and quiet.

For freelancers, they are not on the payroll of any company, so they will not be on the list to attend team building and Gala dinner at the end of the year. Sometimes, this also gives them a gap that is hard to fill, especially for freelancers who are extroverted and have an endless passion for fun.

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Get moreu job more, spend more sparingly to yes Happy New Year

As mentioned, unlike full-time workers, freelancers will not have a Tet bonus to pay for billions of bills and unnamed expenses during Tet. Therefore, in order to have a prosperous Tet, most freelancers have to prepare very early and have a serious accumulation process for a long time.

The first is that they do not have a fixed source of income like when they work for a company. Second, they do not yet know what the economic situation will be next year. Therefore, they need to have a suitable calculation in spending, and at the same time try to get more jobs to have a higher income and a safe accumulation, not only for Tet but also for spending in the new year. period after Tet.

Opposite to dozens question no answer

Even though they have decided not to go to the office, every day only a computer screen is their friend, but every Lunar New Year knocks on the door, freelancers still feel a headache and don’t know how to deal with the collection. difficult questions to answer from many close relatives: What do you do now? Which company do you work for? How much monthly salary? Do you enjoy Tet much? When you’re old, why don’t you go to work but stay at home all day? What is Freelance? So when will it be stable?…

Because the generation gap leads to stark differences in worldview, sometimes stemming from a lack of understanding of modern society, it is difficult for adults (earlier generations) to understand and empathize with. for freelancer work. Sometimes, freelancers also have to receive gossip about their career from relatives and neighbors. Parents can love their children, trying to understand that their children don’t go to work, but relatives are much more difficult. Maybe freelancers don’t need understanding from relatives, but such constant questions also make Tet and family gatherings less fun.

There is no absolutely right choice, and no path is absolutely wrong because nothing in this world is perfect. Being a freelancer is the same, if you have gained it, you will definitely lose it. All comparisons are only temporary, believe that as long as you understand, learn to accept and persevere to the end on the path you are on, you can completely overcome all difficulties to conquer the final destination.

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