French President discusses EU regulation, Web3, French startups and innovation

French President discusses EU regulation, Web3, French startups and innovation


2022-04-25 07:19:04

In an interview with popular French crypto news site, The Big Whale, President Emmanuel Macron shared his approach to the digital finance sector upon winning a second term.

In the interview, Macron described a scenario where markets combine with promising legislation. A unified European financial area that takes a pragmatic approach will instill confidence in investors and encourage an increase in innovation.

“France will ensure that decrees do not stifle innovation and remain as technologically neutral as possible. What is happening will also help us develop the digital euro even faster. “

He also expressed concern that Europeans are lagging behind in the development of web3 and the metaverse. “My wish is for Europe to be a central player, contrary to what is happening now. I want to make sure that European countries master blockchain technology related to web3 and metaverse so as not to depend on the US or Chinese giants.”

“I’m part of a generation that has grown up with video games and measured what they represent in culture, especially for our youth. This is France’s asset in today’s world. : we are one of the great video game nations recognized worldwide for the richness of the art, the quality of the training and the dynamism of the industry.We are fortunate to have a strong industry background. video game industry with Ubisoft, Quantic Dream, Voodoo… Nor have I forgotten how video games are involved in mastering cutting-edge technologies. The same will be true of Web3 again.”

He also added that European cultural institutions should develop an NFT policy.

Incumbent French President Emmanuel Macron during a meeting with supporters, after winning the second round of the presidential election, in Paris, on the evening of April 24, 2022.

Macron said he welcomes investment abroad as long as the headquarters of tech companies and startups remain in France, “a strong ecosystem also means a strong venture capital industry”. of Europe.”

The president wants France to go further to develop its technology sector. “This is why I aim to have 100 emerging unicorns and 10 tech giants in Europe by 2030.” He added that “French innovation, boldness and genius are the source of our greatness and success.”

Earlier this month at the Blockchain Week Summit in Paris, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao announced a 100 million euro ($108 million) investment in France and a partnership with start-up incubator Station F. headquarters in Paris.

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