French users lose the privilege to buy iPhones and get EarPods for free

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2022-01-24 14:58:16

Since the iPhone 12 generation, Apple has no longer included users with accessories such as chargers and EarPods Lightning headphones. This new Apple policy applies globally and applies to both older iPhone models and new shipments.

However, there is a country where when buying an iPhone, users will still be given an EarPods Lightning headset in the iPhone’s box. It’s the French market.

The iPhone box purchased in France is packaged differently from other countries, including EarPods and a normal iPhone box

In France, the government regulates “Electronic devices are required to be accompanied by accessories to limit the exposure of the head to transmitted radio waves during communication”. Therefore, iPhone models sold in France must have headphones attached. Since the iPhone 12 generation, France is the only market where buyers can enjoy this benefit.

However, in this 2022, the above regulations of the French government will be revised. Specifically, according to MacRumors, from January 24, 2022, Apple will no longer provide free EarPods with the device when users buy a new iPhone in France. Apple’s binding regulations on the supply of headset accessories have now been revised to reduce the impact of electronic devices on the environment.

The new regulation applies not only to Apple but also to all smartphone manufacturers in this country.


So now, users in France will lose the right to buy an iPhone with a free EarPods Lightning headset. This bundled accessory can save users $20. However, with the explosion of wireless headphones like AirPods, EarPods are not as popular as before.

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