From “lazy” student to intern at the US National Supercomputing Center

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2021-07-06 20:12:47

Change your mindset from the experience of failure

Mai Quang Tuan, a 1st year student in Electrical Engineering (Institute of Engineering and Computer Science, VinUni University) admits to having a different way of learning since she was a student: Maximizes learning time and school activities. With many topics, the guy who won the first prize in Physics at the National Excellent Student Exam for the 2019-2020 school year confidently, only needs about 10 minutes to read books, watch Youtube to grasp the problem. Tuan’s special brain will remember everything. Therefore, Tuan identifies himself as a model student… lazy.

That is why in the recruitment of research assistants of professors in semester 1 at VinUni, Mai Quang Tuan did not participate. Partly because “lazy” but the other part “I want to improve my knowledge before participating in professors’ projects because I am worried about not being able to do anything”. In the 2nd semester, Tuan was accidentally introduced as a research assistant in the research project of applying AI and machine learning to health by Prof. Do Ngoc Minh (Vice President of VinUni University). That was the beginning of a change that even Tuan didn’t think of.

VinUni professors have accompanied students in scientific research projects since the first year

A former student at Phan Boi Chau High School for the Gifted (Nghe An), who was only familiar with the problems in the book, suddenly had to face real problems. It is an application to help patients take their medicine more easily with the difficult point of accurately converting the prescription into a smart calendar reminding the patient. It is also an AI “doctor” who can diagnose respiratory-related diseases no less than veteran medical professionals or a pillow that can monitor the user’s health, …

Everything goes beyond Tuan’s “10 minutes to understand the problem” school. The confident first-year VinUni student suddenly experienced the feeling of “going to a dead end” when solving the questions of everyday life. Tuan still remembers vividly, the feeling of being tormented for 2 weeks, continuously looking for ideas and ways to implement but all failed with the application project to support patients taking medicine. The bottleneck is having an algorithm that corrects typos when converting from paper prescriptions to digital versions. This is especially important because with just a small mistake, the patient can take the wrong medicine or overdose.

Why don’t you check the misspellings with the closest words in the dictionary?”Professor Do Ngoc Minh’s seemingly simple answer opened the door in Tuan’s mind. The new solution that Tuan and everyone developed together really gave better results than before.

“I’ve learned to think completely differently. For a long time, I try to be an ‘all-know’ person, but when it comes to solving a problem, theory isn’t enough.”, said the young man.

The opportunity to “jump into the water” to do great things

Mai Quang Tuan excitedly said that a series of AI application projects in his health and his friends and GS have entered the finishing stage. The projects that were once “out of reach” in Tuan’s mind are now close at hand.

It is worth cherishing during the past time with Tuan is to learn the thinking and research experience of respected and talented professors at VinUni. There are also a lot of “teachers” around Tuan, who are classmates who not only have excellent knowledge and critical thinking skills, but also have no shortage of creative ideas and presentation skills.

From lazy student to intern at the US National Supercomputing Center - Photo 2.

Mai Quang Tuan and members of VinUni Technical Club (front row, second from right)

The cycle of having ideas, implementing, failing, and then building new ideas… for Tuan is precious things. Tuan shared, he realized the decisive driving force for the success of the research: perseverance, patience, determination to collect every bit of knowledge and change his mind.

That is also what the Vietnamese student wrote when he applied for an internship program at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA), University of Illinois, USA, a “myss” address. dialogue” of researchers. Registering with Tuan to enter the famous place that is the origin of the web browser that billions of people around the world are using, is the best student in the field of machine learning from the US and many other countries with The “match” ratio is extremely fierce.

In the profile of the Vietnamese guy, Tuan answered the question of why he joined the project with the content… thought it was off topic. A true story about my transformation since entering my 1st year and the projects I am working on with famous VinUni professors. The council at NCSA then immediately “scored” the Vietnamese student to research a computer vision project, helping to identify the negative emotions of the subjects being filmed. If successful, this solution can be applied to camera systems to early warn dangerous objects.

Following Tuan from his early steps, Professor Do Ngoc Minh compares the process of change to “swimming”. All moves anyone can memorize but the essential is “jumping into the water”. This is the best learning process because the students themselves know what they lack and need. From the stumbles, what students find out besides knowledge is the approach, problem-solving skills and especially the ability to self-advocate.

At VinUni, this skill is immediately trained for first-year students, by “embedding” them in scientific research projects with professors – a special “coaching” method that is rarely seen.

According to Professor Minh, in addition to the large investment from the school for projects, the ratio of professors, lecturers to students at VinUni is only 1/6, which is an ideal condition for a learning and research environment. The same method is being maintained by many of the world’s top universities. The faculty/student ratio below 1/10 is almost a must for top schools if you don’t want to be relegated.

The GS’s greatest desire with young people from VinUni’s way of learning is self-discovery. That’s something no one can help but yourself. From that base, excellent students of VinUni will have enough confidence and aspiration to do bigger things.

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