From writing poetry to writing code, what does ChatGPT do in the crypto world?

From writing poetry to writing code, what does ChatGPT do in the crypto world?


2023-01-03 14:52:48

In the past few weeks, ChatGPT has become the focus of the tech world. Many people look for ways to use, as well as share, interesting things this tool can do. From solving quadratic equations, writing poetry, arranging a day’s schedule.. to “reminding” a programmer on how to build the most optimal code, ChatGPT exhibits incredible capabilities. .

From Life to Crypto

In addition to English, ChatGPT also started to support Vietnamese. Users can ask ChatGPT to write an email to apologize to the customer for the late arrival of the parcel, or can compose a letter… apologizing to his wife for wrong actions.

ChatGPT composes a “heart letter” to help users apologize to their wives.

“I needed to summarize a long article, I copied it in and ChatGPT completed it excellently in just 200 words, concisely and accurately,” said Nguyen Khoa, an office worker in District 2, Ho Chi Minh City.

On YouTube, many channel owners who are coders have also shared how they posed the problem and how quickly ChatGPT solved it. All they need to do is describe the correct topic, wait for this chatbot to “write” the code, then check and test it.

“After reviewing and demoing ChatGPT, I feel … afraid of unemployment”, Pham Huy Hoang, owner of the channel I Go Code Walk is quite famous among programmers in Vietnam, titled his video on YouTube.

ChatGPT, short for Chat Generative Pre-training Transformer, is a chatbot developed by OpenAI. OpenAI was founded in 2015 by billionaire Elon Musk and Sam Altman, the current CEO of this company. However, Elon Musk was no longer involved with OpenAI because of internal disagreements.

ChatGPT is built on top of GPT-3.5, a large family of language models from OpenAI, and refined using both reinforcement learning and supervised learning techniques. After only 5 days of launch, this application has 1 million users. By comparison, GitHub’s AI coding assistant took about six months to pass the same mark.

Robert Stevens, Fortune’s technology writer, describes ChatGPT as a strange AI. “Unlike other language generation models, it can remember what you’ve said to it, allowing for dramatic conversations.” And ChatGPT makes you believe that it is a “living” mind, not a mere chatbot.

“At my command, ChatGPT wrote a smart contract in Solidity, the programming language of Ethereum, that turned the DALL-E image I had created into an NFT,” said Robert Stevens.

Hugh Brooks, head of security at smart contract auditing firm CertiK, told Fortune that chatbots aren’t bad at finding code bugs, even good at summarizing complex code and academic papers. dense.

Stephen Tong, founder of a small blockchain security company called Zellic, said his company used it for sales and customer support. “It helps people on those teams work more efficiently, providing a professional, super-understandable experience without breaking a sweat,” says Tong.

According to Cointelegraph, a Twitter user who posted their interaction with ChatGPT shows that from a simple request, the tool created a basic trading bot using Pine Script, a programming language used Used for TradingView financial software.

In theory, ChatGPT is on its way to conquering language barriers to converse very naturally with humans. It can also be exploited and programmed differently to spread false ideas. Or a more self-interested way, is to create a chatbot that can speak sweet words, set up “sweet traps” that are reasonable enough to deceive inexperienced investors, believe in AI, and “put money down” on a scam project.

ChatGPT is powerful, but not completely reliable yet

Sharing with Insights, Mr. Nguyen The Vinh, co-founder and CEO of CHK, said that smart chatbots like ChatGPT can be applied to the blockchain field. One can create chatbots as an alternative to customer service agents. It can also check bugs (find bugs) and verify contracts (validate smart contracts), aggregate news and data for reference.

However, Mr. Vinh said that ChatGPT in particular and current AI in general only stop at enhancing layers and references, but cannot completely replace existing technologies.

ChatGPT is still incomplete. Photo: CBC.

Lorenzo Sicilia, blockchain engineer at Outlier Venture, after testing ChatGPT came to the conclusion that it was “useless” when asked to create advanced smart contracts. “As soon as you try it out, you’ll discover all the little details that don’t work,” he says.

Speaking to Cointelegraph, Dmitry Mishunin, CEO of smart contract auditing firm HashEx, believes that ChatGPT will have an impact on the security of smart contracts, significantly reducing the number of hacks, positively affecting to the entire industry.

However, Dmitry Mishunin also believes that anything bad is possible. AI also has the ability to behave differently, independently using vulnerabilities and loopholes to execute attacks on its own, learn from these attacks, and become increasingly sophisticated.

Sam Altman, the founder of OpenAI himself, also wrote on Twitter that the technology has created a “false impression of greatness”. It should only be seen as a “preview of progress,” he said. “It’s wrong to rely on it for anything important right now.”

Sam Altman’s fair “confession” is not an understatement. Although ChatGPT is surprising because it can do many things, it also proves exhausted with problems that are too difficult, or “trap” questions from users. It still works, but it’s silly and confident in its silliness.

For example, when asked, “What should you do when you’re stuck in a desert without arms or legs?”

“Use your arms to crawl or slide” then “create a makeshift wheelchair,” advises ChatGPT.

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