Fun puzzles for April Fool’s Day, quizzes for 1/4 day lie tips

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2021-03-27 09:45:58

Here are some fun quizzes, trivia tricks, inviting you to consult to avoid the troll of everyone, and can be used to joke, quiz your friends and relatives easily during the day. April 1 st. Surely they will bring you a refreshing laugh, an enjoyable relaxing moment for you in the upcoming lie day.


April Fool’s Day quiz # 1:

If there are 12 fish and half go down, how many fish are left?

A. 12

B. 3

C. 4

D. 6

April Fool’s Day quiz # 2:

What year is the most recent year that Tet comes before Christmas?

A. This year

B. Year 1 AD

C. Next year

D. Last year

April Fool’s Day quiz number 3:

Some months have 31 days, some have 30 days. How many months have 28 days?

A. 12

B. 1

C. 0

D. 10

April Fool’s Day quiz number 4:

Daniel is Nicole’s father. But Nicole is not Daniel’s son. Can this happen?

A. Daniel is missing

B. Daniel is a girl

C. Nicole is a girl

D. Nicole was adopted

April Fool’s Day quiz number 5:

Tam’s father has 5 sons named Ten, Twenty, Thirty, Forty … So what is the other son’s name?

A. No.

B. Mind

C. Fifty

D. One hundred

April Fool’s Day quiz # 6:

A black man in black was walking by. Suddenly a black car with no lights on and stopped in front of him. How did the driver know that black man was standing there?

April Fool’s Day quiz number 7:

If you only have 1 box of matches and go into a dark room containing an oil lamp, some newspaper, some rotten wood, what should you light up first?

A. Wood

B. Newspaper

C. Oil lamp

D. Match box

April Fool’s Day quiz number 8:

It takes 8 men 10 hours to build a wall, so how long does it take for 4 men to build it?

A. 0 o’clock

B. 5 hours

C. 10 o’clock

D. 20 hours

April Fool’s Day quiz number 9:

If there are 6 apples and you take 4, how many apples do you have?

A. 10

B. 6

C. 4

D. 2

April Fool’s Day quiz number 10:

A tram travels north at 100m / h, the wind blows westward at the same speed. Asking which direction the ship’s smoke is blowing

April Fool’s Day quiz # 11:

If your doctor gives you 3 pills and tells you to take each one after half an hour. So how soon do you finish the medicine?

April Fool’s Day quiz number 12:

Imagine you are on a boat sinking, surrounded by sharks. So how to survive?

April Fool’s Day quiz number 13:

A truck driver entered a one-way street and went against the street. He passed at least 10 police booths. Asked why the driver was not arrested?

April Fool’s Day quiz number 14:

100kg of stone with 100kg of feathers, which one is heavier?

April Fool’s Day quiz number 15:

You can’t eat anything for breakfast?

April Fool’s Day quiz number 16:

If you throw a red rock in the blue sea, what will the rock do?

April Fool’s Day quiz number 17:

What goes up and down but remains in place?

Quiz on 1/4 number 18:

What can travel around the world in just one corner?

Quiz on April 1, number 19:

Where was the first potato tuber found?

Quiz on 1/4 number 20:

What word is correctly pronounced wrong but is mispronounced right?


Question 1: A. 12

Question 2: A. This year

Question 3: A. 12

Question 4: C. Nicole is a girl

Question 5: B. Mind

Question 6: Because it was daytime

Question 7: D. Box of Matches

Question 8: A. 0 Hour

Question 9: C. 4

Question 10: The train has no chimney

Question 11: 1 hour

Question 12: Stop imagining

Question 13: He is walking

Question 14: Equality

Question 15: Dinner

Question 16: Being wet

Question 17: Staircase

Question 18: The stamp

Question 19: On the ground

Question 20: Wrong word


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