Galaxy A52s price in September 2022: Amazingly deeply reduced, sold out on a large scale

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2022-09-18 06:07:44

Samsung Galaxy A52s is considered the king of mid-range smartphones of the second half of 2021 and the first half of 2022. The reason is because the configuration belongs to the best series in the mid-range smartphone segment. When Samsung launches the most powerful new smartphone of the Galaxy A series in 2022, the configuration is almost still a repeat of the Galaxy A52s.

With a luxurious design and balance in configuration, between performance, image quality and camera, Galaxy A52s 5G is a best-selling mid-range smartphone for many months. Entering August 2022, this mid-range super product now continues to receive further discounts and knocks out many competitors.

Samsung Galaxy A52s price

Entering August 2022, the price of Samsung Galaxy A52s is still quite attractive thanks to good incentives from dealers. At many retail systems, the selling price of Galaxy A52s 5G is dropping to the lowest at VND 6,990,000.

For some major dealers, the price of Galaxy A52s 5G decreased less but still closed at nearly VND 7,990,000. Thus, this reduction is also 3 million VND compared to the listed price. However, the Galaxy A52s seems to be out of stock when many dealers are out of stock for many models. It is likely that the Galaxy A52s will not be available again, users can only buy the Galaxy A73 5G as an alternative.

At this price, Galaxy A52s 5G is still one of the most affordable mid-range smartphones. In addition, the configuration of the Galaxy A52s 5G is not weak, but even somewhat superior to a formidable opponent like the iPhone SE 2020 or Nokia 8.3.

Compared to iPhone SE 2020, Samsung Galaxy A52s is much more attractive thanks to the series of latest technologies inside. The most prominent is the 5G connection – the technology of the future – which the iPhone XR and iPhone SE do not have despite the much higher price.

Galaxy A52s configuration

Inside the Galaxy A52s 5G is equipped with a Snapdragon 778G chip – a 6nm chip that provides extremely high performance and is close to Qualcomm’s high-end 8 series. The machine comes with up to 8GB RAM, providing smooth processing whether the user’s needs are playing games, watching movies or editing Tiktok videos…v.v.v.

As of August 2022, the configuration of the Galaxy A52s is almost no different from the Galaxy A73 5G at all. They are almost similar in terms of RAM, internal memory and especially chips. Meanwhile, the Galaxy A52s 5G is up to 3 million dong cheaper.

Camera Galaxy A52s

Along with that, if the iPhone XR and SE 2020 only have a single camera, the Galaxy A52s 5G comes with a camera with three lenses with versatile shooting capabilities such as wide angle, night photography, close-up photography, providing maximum support for users. user.

The lens system of the Galaxy A52s can bring a lot of high-resolution photos, fresh colors and enough to post on social networks.

Should you buy Galaxy A52s?

With such an attractive price today, the Galaxy A52s is a much more comprehensive and attractive option than choosing cheap but deep-life iPhones like iPhone XR or iPhone SE, which are expensive or at par but inferior in terms of price. features like 5G, battery, and imaging capabilities. The only reason that you shouldn’t buy the Galaxy A52s is when you can spend more.

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