x SecuriChain enhances the cybersecurity of the GameFi ecosystem

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2022-03-30 17:13:27

The issue of cybersecurity has attracted a lot of attention recently due to the constant occurrence of attacks that lead to extremely severe damage. With the goal of always providing users with a safe and comprehensive experience, and SecuriChain from Icetea Labs will work together to enhance cybersecurity for the entire GameFi ecosystem. x SecuriChain enhances the cybersecurity of the GameFi ecosystem

With the rapid growth of NFT game projects and gamefi trends, 2021 has seen an unprecedented number of cyberattacks on blockchain projects. By the end of 2021, six of the ten most notorious cyberattacks ever targeted blockchain projects consecutively, with total losses of more than $1.4 million. Furthermore, four of these eight attacks took advantage of vulnerabilities in smart contracts. Therefore, information security is extremely important, especially on a decentralized blockchain environment.

Since its inception, has positioned itself as a comprehensive ecosystem for blockchain-powered games and a community of more than 800,000 members from around the world. Within six months of its launch, has successfully conducted IDO/INO/IGO for 44 projects, with a total recorded value of USD 5.27 million and continuously established and expanded. industry partner network. has always made security a top priority.

Mr. Hai Duong, CTO of said:

“Humans are always the weakest link in any cybersecurity system. Because we’ve always been aware of this, the entire team has always prioritized security and protecting user privacy. Along with that, we also worked with many cybersecurity experts to consult and test the security of our systems. In addition, smart contracts have been thoroughly vetted by trusted partners and SecuriChain.”

Since the beginning of 2022, has allied with SecuriChain, a cybersecurity team from the Icetea Labs ecosystem, to continuously maintain and enhance the system, ensuring the security of all products available available on SecuriChain has the role of testing smart contracts on major protocols, vulnerability scanning of wallets and dapps, penetration testing and 24/7 managed services for blockchain businesses.

Duc Nguyen, CEO and Founder of SecuriChain also said:

We have developed a team of security researchers, testers, incident responders, and moderators knowledgeable in intrusion prevention and competent experts in the cybersecurity industry. With a professional team behind, SecuriChain has successfully discovered a number of security holes and resolved the consequences for big names like Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, Paypal, McAfee, Sony and Checkpoint. Backed by Icetea Labs and CyRadar, SecuriChain’s main goal is to be a trusted blockchain partner in the entire cybersecurity industry.

The CEO added:

“The significant increase in cyberattacks on blockchain in 2021 is also a logical one. Due to the fast pace of development, many blockchain projects have ignored the basic safety and security standards of software development. This leads to hackers constantly infiltrating your computer. Through our partnership with, we aim to set a standard in cybersecurity for blockchain projects. From here, blockchain projects will have the opportunity to reassess their cybersecurity status and how to reduce the risk of future cyberattacks.”

Both sides are committed to promoting a safe open environment for game developers, players and investors. As of April 2022, all IGO projects on will have to go through a thorough censorship process by SecuriChain as well as other applicable security services.

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