Genuine home appliances on sale September 15-17, new students invest right away for a new place!

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2022-09-20 07:32:50

At the beginning of student life, many of you think that you just need to invest in hitech items such as laptops, smartphones … for studying, while everyday items and household furniture can be purchased temporarily. and will buy gradually later. However, these are the items you use regularly and have a lot of impact on your health. So don’t consider it anymore, you definitely have to have these durable genuine items to last for a long time, as well as invest in your quality of life.

Pure Viet Platinum Foam Mattress

If you think staying in an inn, you should buy thin mattresses for short-term use, you will have a hard time getting comfortable sleep. Instead, a good quality mattress that lasts for a long time will lull you to a smooth sleep after a stressful day of study.

The perfect choice for students is the Thuan Viet platinum foam mattress with a supporting structure that makes it comfortable for all sleeping positions and has high ventilation, does not cause irritation to the skin. In particular, genuine Thuan Viet Platinum Foam mattress with the size of 1m4x2mx20cm is down to 36%, the price is only 4,599K, giving away cumulative vouchers, 400K vouchers in 3 days of genuine LazMall sale. If you don’t close the order, it’s really lacking with your room!

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Study desk and bookshelf BAYA SUND

The folding tables sitting on the ground may seem like a cost-effective accommodation when staying at a hostel, but they are the cause of your spine pain during the days of running deadlines. Invest in a standard table with the right height like a BAYA SUND study table and bookshelf, you will find this to be a super bargain.

With a length of 1m4, the product is designed with one side of the table attached to a 3-storey bookshelf, the other side connected to a 2-storey bookshelf that functions as a table leg, not taking up too much room but still full. necessary functions. Moreover, the genuine BAYA SUND study desk cum bookshelf is currently 10% off on LazMall to only 1,439K (original price 1,598K), additional cumulative vouchers and free shipping. Only spent less than 1 and a half million but got 2 items, what are you waiting for without adding to the cart right away!

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TSUKI standing tree fan

The room is equipped with air conditioning which is a plus, but those who are observant will know that they need to buy a good fan for flexible use. Instead of buying mini fans that limit cooling, you should immediately refer to this genuine TSUKI standing tree fan that is both beautiful and durable. Thanks to the equipped with 2 layers of blades with copper wire motor, TSUKI vertical tree fan offers higher wind efficiency, large wind output range while still saving power and minimizing noise when in use. .

In particular, products with 12-month warranty are sold on Lazada with great deals up to 50%++, the price is only 369K and free shipping during the genuine LazMall Sale September 15 – September 17. Hurry up to close this super bargain deal!

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Philips steam iron stand

Forget about mini irons but don’t iron all your clothes right away. A compact stand steamer that is both durable and convenient will keep your clothes clean and save your wallet for years to come. Looking to buy this type, you immediately check the Philips steam iron stand model that is able to iron straight and safely on all types of fabrics. Moreover, this model’s steam also helps to refresh and kill up to 99% of bacteria and dust mites on clothes.

Currently, Philips steam iron products, genuine distribution with 24 months warranty, are 30% off, only 1,300K on LazMall and offer an additional 200K voucher combined with free shipping nationwide. Buy once but use it for a long time, this single lock is delicious, isn’t it!

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Tefal 1.8L . electronic rice cooker

Instead of buying many different types of pots, a multi-function rice cooker that can both cook rice, porridge, and is convenient to process many different dishes such as soups, steamed dishes, cakes… will be suitable for you. accommodation criteria of many students. The genuine product suggestion that is both beautiful and durable for this deal is the Tefal 1.8L electronic rice cooker that is causing a fever today. With a 4mm thick pot cage design with AI cooking technology and dual heat sensors, the Tefal electronic rice cooker ensures that the rice grains are always delicious and fluffy with the ability to keep hot for up to 12 hours.

On the occasion of this genuine LazMall sale September 15 – September 17, the genuine Tefal 1.8L electric rice cooker is only 2,290K, 15% off the original price, giving extra 10% Tefal voucher, cumulative voucher and free transport. Book your appointment now so you don’t miss your chance to hunt for this deal!

Genuine home appliances on sale September 15-17, new students invest right away for a new place!  - Photo 9.

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With these genuine home products at deeply discounted prices, your motel room will instantly become luxurious – genuine and significantly improve your quality of life. If you don’t feel enough with the series of deals suggested above, go to the Lazada app to see thousands of other genuine household items that are also having extremely attractive deals up to 50% off and many offers from brands from 15/. 9 – 17/9. Take advantage of the quick closing of the application before the new school year!

The LazMall promotion “Mid-month sale half-price” takes place on Lazada from September 15 to September 17, gathering hundreds of thousands of genuine products at good prices, half-price sale and freeship of 0 dong nationwide. Especially, only on September 15, shopaholics can enjoy a discount of up to 50% and receive a voucher of VND 500,000 for a 0 VND order. For more bargain shopping, you can hunt for more cumulative vouchers up to 400,000 VND and discount vouchers of 150,000 VND exclusively for LazMall Membership members. Hunt for mid-month sale with Lazada here!


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