Genuine Samsung phone price list in December, agent with huge promotion, Galaxy S22 is unbelievable low

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2022-12-01 15:52:11

Entering December, Samsung is said to be preparing to accelerate the launch of new product lines to replace the current product range. In particular, Galaxy S23 is considered the most anticipated model. While new Galaxy models have not been released, current Galaxy phones continue to be heavily discounted by Samsung.

Galaxy S series continues to be heavily discounted

Samsung, with its wide coverage in many phone segments, makes a strong impression with its wide range of discounts from super high-end products like the Galaxy S22 to as cheap as the Galaxy A03. Even the new cheap Galaxy A04 model received a slight discount.

Galaxy Z Fold3 is still Samsung’s highest priced smartphones

Samsung is one of the most popular phone brands in every segment. Technology-loving users can look to the pioneering Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip series in folding screen technology with many of the most powerful features. In which, Galaxy Z Fold4 512GB is currently Samsung’s most expensive smartphone in Vietnam market with the price of 39,390,000 VND.

Galaxy S22 Ultra is now the king of high-end Android smartphones

Meanwhile, the Galaxy S22 series are the most powerful smartphones in the market with the ability to compete closely with Apple’s iPhone. Notably, entering December 2022, the Galaxy S22 series continues to decrease extremely attractively.

Galaxy S22 Ultra currently has a starting price of only VND 26,290,000 cheaper than iPhone 13 Pro Max. Both iPhone 13 Pro Max and Galaxy S22 Ultra have entered the thrilling two-horse race for a long time and proved to be invincible.

Samsung Galaxy S22

Not only Galaxy S22 Ultra, but the rest of the versions also have good prices like Galaxy S22 Plus from only VND 22,990,000, Galaxy S22 from VND 17,490,000, all of which are within the price range of iPhone 13 while having many features. rated higher.

If you want a cheaper price but still have high-end features such as a powerful chip for gaming and beautiful photography, users can consider the Samsung Galaxy A73 5G as one of the best-selling mid-range smartphones today.

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

If you still want a good configuration but a cheaper price, the Galaxy A53 5G is also a good choice with a selling price of only VND 9,790,000. Galaxy A53 5G is currently the performance champion in the mid-range segment of the Android smartphone village.

Galaxy A03 – Samsung’s top cheap model

For users who expect cheap models, the Galaxy A03 is also a notable name because although it is cheap, it also has an impressive 48MP camera with powerful enough hardware for a variety of basic work entertainment needs. Galaxy A03 is also Samsung’s cheapest smartphone with a price of 2,890,000 VND, which is not a bad choice. Users can refer to the options below.

Price list of Samsung phones updated in September 2022:



Reference price

Galaxy A03


2,350,000 won

Galaxy A03s


3,350,000 won

Galaxy A04


2,850,000 won

Galaxy A04s


3,800,000 won

Galaxy A13

4GB/128GB 4,250,000 won

Galaxy A22 5G


4,990,000 won

Galaxy A22 4G


4,890,000 VND

Galaxy A23


5,190,000 won

Galaxy A33 5G


7,050,000 won

Galaxy M52


6,390,000 VND

Galaxy A52


6,790,000 won

Galaxy A52s 5G


7,990,000 won

Galaxy A53 5G


9,490,000 won

Galaxy S20 FE


10,990,000 won

Galaxy A73 5G


11,390,000 won

Galaxy S21 FE


10,990,000 won


12,790,000 won


13,990,000 won

Galaxy S22


16,990,000 won


17,490,000 VND

Galaxy S22 Plus


20,690,000 VND


21,190,000 won

Galaxy S22 Ultra


24,390,000 VND


26,390,000 VND


28,990,000 VND

Galaxy Z Flip3 5G


15,990,000 VND


16,790,000 won

Galaxy Z Fold3 5G


25,990,000 VND


Galaxy Z Flip4 5G


20,590,000 won


22,590,000 won

Galaxy Z Fold4 5G


35,990,000 VND


39,090,000 VND

(Note, the above selling price was updated on December 1, 2022. Information is for reference only and may change according to reality.)

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