Get 100 USDT or just 1 USDT, New Promotion From Huobi

Get 100 USDT or just 1 USDT, New Promotion From Huobi


2021-03-26 03:10:03

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To reschedule up, CHK Just received information about this special promotion event, This is a promotional event that I feel it’s easy too, not that, and so the reward is limited, and the time is only 1 only day!

Time : 00:00 – 23:59 on 11/11/2018

Event regulations:

  1. Verified users only in Vietnam.
  2. A user must trade a minimum single transaction worth 1000 USDT in order to receive 100 USDT, limited to each user receive bonus 1 time.
  3. Prohibited self-transactions.
  4. All rewards (in USDT or altcoins of corresponding value) will be deposited into the user’s Huobi account 3-5 days after the user passes the KYC audit and fraud prevention.
  5. In order to ensure fair rewards, Huobi reserves the right at its sole discretion to revoke or disqualify any participating user if he / she is suspected / found to have committed fraud.
  6. The right to explain and finalize the event rules rests with Huobi.

That, very simple, you just need to trade over 1000 USDT, for example you buy bitcoin 1000 USDT is counted, and this is a natural transaction, if you buy bitcoin with 1000 USDT, and then you sell bitcoin going back to USDT is called self-trading, being cheated, and violating the rule!

Therefore, as long as you use 1000 USDT to buy bitcoin, then do something else, or you are planning to buy some coin, then buy and wait to receive the prize, according to the regulations, whoever trades early and qualifies soon will have the and limited prize! Good luck

If anyone does not have an account Huobi then register: Here

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