Get GOM Mix: A powerful, easy-to-use video editor

Get GOM Mix: A powerful, easy-to-use video editor

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2021-06-21 18:46:03

  • Free software
  • Version: 1.1.1
  • Updated date: 04/03/2021
  • Platform: Android

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Professional video editors can be a bit overwhelming for those who are amateurs and simply have a taste for editing. At the same time, the cheaper and easier alternatives are too primitive and don’t do all you want to do. If you are looking for a good solution, you can consider GOM Mix.

What is GOM Mix?

GOM Mix is ​​an Android mobile video editor that lets you edit videos quickly and easily anywhere.

GOM Mix meets basic video editing needs, such as cropping, rotating, speeding, adding music, adding text, applying filters, etc. The app is suitable for everyone thanks to its The interface is very easy to understand.

GOM Mix is ​​an Android mobile video editor

Features of GOM Mix

Rich editing environment

GOM Mix offers a rich editing environment, but it also comes with a wide range of presets to make your work easier. You can put together a video montage, with special effects and other beauties, without having to go through countless menus and options.

Free to use

GOM Mix is ​​free to try without any noticeable functional limitations. Downloading and installing the software will take about a minute. There is no complicated configuration in the process and all the prerequisites are included in the setup package. They will be downloaded and installed for you.

User interface easy to use

The user interface is laid out like most video editors. It includes a timeline editor, a video preview and a tabbed media manager. After importing your video and audio files, you can simply drag and drop them into the appropriate channels in the timeline editor.

Provides basic editing tools

The software puts all the basic editing tools you need at your disposal. You can synthesize, trim video and audio clips, put them in a specific order, mute them, etc. In addition, you can set text and image overlays or apply one of many template on your montage.

Comes with a wide range of filters and special effects

GOM Mix comes with a wide range of special effects, filters and clip overlays. They are organized on separate tabs in the media manager, and they can be applied quickly. After selecting an effect, you’ll be able to preview it in the main video preview area. In addition, the software allows you to make various adjustments to each effect, and it can display the editing results in real time.

Provide multiple output options

When exporting your montage, you can choose between many output formats, but you can also make many other settings. You can decide which compression method to use, change the bitrate and frame rate of the video, resize, change the audio sample rate, etc.

Creating high-quality video montages is not a complicated task, thanks to GOM Mix.


  • This software offers a large variety of video editing tools at your disposal.
  • Comes with a wide range of preset effects and filters.
  • Provides you with a wide range of output options.


  • The user interface is not as responsive as expected on low-end hardware.


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