GitHub officially supports video uploading on all platforms

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2021-05-14 14:02:49

GitHub has just officially announced that users can now experience the video upload feature on all platforms – PC, mobile and web.

More specifically, Github allows users to upload files in MP4 and MOV formats in issues, pull requests, discussions, and more. This is essentially a feature that has been long-awaited by the GitHub community, and its arrival will give developers more “room to play” on issues like experiencing new features in progress. At the testing stage, provide context regarding pull requests, and especially error interpretation in software projects.

In fact, this video upload feature was originally released by GitHub as a beta feature in December. And after more than 5 months of editing and perfecting, everything is now considered stable enough to have. can be deployed for mass use on all GitHub platforms.

Commenting on this important feature, Lauren Brose, GitHub Product Manager, said:

“We are excited and excited to see the unique prospects for people to use video in their workflow on GitHub. We hope you will actively embrace this feature and upload your videos daily through services like Loom and Vimeo Record. As a result, we can share project context, provide code review feedback, and share launch updates through helpful videos.”

With that said, this feature is currently supported on all Github platforms. As a result, users of the GitHub mobile app on iOS and Android can both upload their videos to the platform, but of course for that to happen the app will need to be updated to the latest version.


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